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ASASIpintar Students Activities

Mobility Program in Japan

This is the first ASASIpintar Global Outreach Mobility Program group, consisting of 6 students with the destination located in Saga Prefectural, Japan. Six ASASIpintar students, namely Ong Jun Yang, Mohammad Haziq bin Oon, Iman Hakimi bin Zamzam, Sim Li Xuan, Teo Huey Shiuan and Loo Jie Qi forming this delegation departed on 3rd May 2015 from Malaysia to Japan and came back to Malaysia on 10th May 2015 after accomplishing the mission. With the theme of “Explore, Execute, Excel”, this program aimed to promote exchange of knowledge especially in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) field through research project presentation and also to learn about education system implemented in Japan. Other than that, a personal experience of culture of Japan was achieved as one of the purpose.

This program owes many thanks to UKM for the approval of proposal of this program and also to Pusat PERMATApintar Negara for the funding as well as lecturers who helped along the planning of this program, especially Madam Siti Noor Diana binti Mohd Kamaruddin and Mr Salleh Huddin bin Abdul Rashid for its successful completion. Throughout the stay in Japan, we owed our survival to our dearest senpai (senior), Adlil Darsani bin Husni who was ever willing to guide and accompany us since our arrival until departure. His helpfulness and patience made our trip to Japan a smooth and interesting one.

Throughout the stay in Japan, we observed the discipline and cleanliness cultivated in Japanese by the view of pedestrian lights and also the lack of trash in sight on the road. Also, we had met many warm and passionate people who were ever ready to help when we were in confusion even though there existed a communication barrier. The visits to historical sites were memorable ones, with those guides presenting to us in very detailed and patient manner. This program was definitely a success and similar programs should be encouraged in the future to enable students to develop a much holistic character that embraces many social skills which are not covered by textbooks during lecture.

Permata Prihatin Programme

Kicked off on the 13th of June, 2015 with Al-Ikhlas Old Folks’ Care and Treatment Centre, there were 28 students from Program ASASIpintar, The National University of Malaysia (UKM) participating in PERMATA Prihatin Programme. This community service work programme with the concept of ‘give back’ to Malaysia citizens that needed care is meant to create awareness and chances for PERMATA children to willingly contribute to the society besides understanding the plight of those living in the midst of hardships.Students learnt so much throughout the event such as responsibility as a child to our parents, gratitude, and values of appreciation.

Visit to Dentistry Faculty, National University of Malaysia (UKM), Kuala Lumpur

ASASIpintar programme Ivisited the Dentistry Faculty of UKM campus, Kuala Lumpur. Students were briefed on the history of the dentistry faculty and the Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) programme. DDS is a 5 -year course and it offers 11 specializations for those who are interested in pursuing postgraduate studies. The UKM dentistry faculty is one of the most renowned institutions in Malaysia.

Next, students were divided into groups and lead by respective officers on a tour of the campus to expose the students to the facilities around the faculty. Students visited the simulation clinic. The main purpose of the clinic is to expose dental students with adequate hands-on practice on clinical procedures needed to perform when becoming dentists so that they could get used to the actual clinical and real patient environment prior entering the clinical years. Students also visited the dental laboratory which was established to allow dental students and also clinicians to construct prosthesis such as crowns, bridges, artificial teeth, complete or partial denture and so on. Another laboratory that students visited was the multi-disciplinary laboratory where it provides necessary facilities for the 1st and 2nd year dental students to conduct their practical sessions. Coupled with this, students also visited the polyclinic which is a special clinic allocated for dental students of the 3rd to 5th year to treat their patients on regular basis. Students were also given the golden opportunity to visit one of the Specialist and General Practitioner Clinics which is the Orthodontic Specialist Clinic. Orthodontic Specialist Clinic is used by 


The ASASIpintar program has held volunteer activities at Zoo Negara Malaysia. The main purpose of this activity is to provide exposure and experience to students in the volunteer program. In addition, the purpose of our volunteer program is to strengthen relationships among students as well as increase awareness of the importance of the environment. The program we participated in involved a total of 26 students of the Program. This volunteer program has long been run by the National Zoo. Among the activities carried out are cleaning the animal enclosure and the zoo environment, providing food to the animals as well as assisting in animal performances.


Indeed this activity has given a new dimension in our life experience. The opportunity to see and touch animals up close is an experience that is hard to forget. In addition to the experience with the animals, the opportunity to work and share experiences and stories with the employees at the National Zoo is also a memory that should not be forgotten. After a few months of studying knowledge, having the opportunity to go out and serve the community is something we really need. We hope that volunteer programs like this can be conducted more frequently in the future so that our eyes are more open and in turn able to contribute something to the community.

The ASASI Games

The ASASIpintar UKM program in collaboration with the UiTM Dengkil Foundation Center for the first time will organize the Public University Foundation Sports Championship (TAG18) on 27 January to 28 January 2018 at the PERMATApintar Negara Center, UKM and Universiti Teknologi Mara, Dengkil.


This sports tournament is organized to provide a network of connections between the ASASI programs of Malaysian public universities as well as to cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

ASASIpintar Movie Premiere

ASASIpintar students & lectuerers organize an annual programme; ASASIpintar Movie Premiere. The program is a platform for the students to show the lecturers, and the public the results of their creativity in the form of short films with themes such as patriotism, social justice and family love. The short films produced are part of the Language and Literary Appreciation course work which is a compulsory course that must be completed by all students of this program