U-INSPIRE Malaysia @ UKM is hosted at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’s Southeast Asia Disaster Prevention Research Initiative (SEADPRI-UKM), under the auspices of the Asian Network for Climate Science and Technology (ANCST), with supports from the National Disaster Management Agency Malaysia (NADMA Malaysia) and Malaysian National Commission for UNESCO. This platform was initiated with the existing youth and young professional groups in Malaysia, who shared an interest in DRR and climate change.

The platform and all its activities are open to all youth and young professionals, not limited to scientists who are involved in science-based but also includes scientists in social sciences and other humanities and art fields. This can be expanded further in the future, to include other groups such as professional bodies etc.

The main source of communication will be the Platform ́s official mailing list, managed by the facilitator. The information generated by the platform will also be shared on relevant websites and other online platforms.

Click here: Brochure about U-INSPIRE Malaysia