The U-INSPIRE Alliance was formally launched on 20 September 2019, during the Forum on Youth and Young Professionals in SETI for DRR, organised in conjunction with 2019 SEE AP SDG II from 17-22 September 2019, at Jakarta, Indonesia.

Since then, the Alliance has evolved into 12 country chapters in Asia and the Pacific.

List of established U-INSPIRE networks in the region:

  1. U-INSPIRE Afghanistan
  2. U-INSPIRE India
  3. U-INSPIRE Indonesia
  4. U-INSPIRE Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan)
  5. U-INSPIRE Nepal
  6. U-INSPIRE Pakistan
  7. U-INSPIRE Philippines
  8. U-INSPIRE Japan
  9. U-INSPIRE Huaxia
  10. U-INSPIRE Maldives
  11. U-INSPIRE Thailand