Prof Phang Siew Moi

Phang Siew Moi

Prof. Dr. Phang Siew Moi pioneered Applied Phycological Research in Malaysia, which later became the foundation of Algal Biotechnology Research. She co-founded the Asia-Pacific Society of Applied Phycology (APSAP) in 1995 and served as President from 2000-2002.  She is the past President of the Asian-Pacific Phycological Association and past Member of the International Phycological Society Board of Directors, and past Overseas Vice-President of the British Phycological Society.  She is a Fellow of the Academy of Sciences Malaysia. She is also Director, Institute of Ocean and Earth Sciences, University of Malaya. Prof. Phang leads the Algal Research Group which has research focus on the following areas: Taxonomy and Systematics of Seaweeds; Genomics and Genetic Engineering; Tissue and Protoplast Culture of Seaweeds; Use of Algae in Bioremediation; Taxonomy and Physiology Studies of Arctic & Antarctica Algae and their Comparison with Tropical Algae; Algae for Renewable Energy. Prof. Phang has won several national and international awards for Research Achievements. She has produced 428 publications including 133 papers in international journals, 11 books and 38 book chapters; awarded 1 patent with 8 filed; produced 16 PhDs and 46 Masters graduates.  The group has received 7 Gold, 8 Silver, 8 Bronze Medals, 6 Best Poster Awards at National and International Scientific Exhibitions.  Prof. Phang received several awards including the International Foundation for Science/King Baudouin Award and the University of Malaya Vice-Chancellor’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Publications.  Prof. Phang is Associate Editor of the Journal of Applied Phycology and the Malaysian Journal of Science.