UKM Animal Ethical Committee (UKMAEC)

 All Life Deserves Protection


UKMAEC requires all investigators to determine and specify the followings before using an animal for research :

1. The proposed research is not duplicative of research that has already been done.

2. The alternatives to research using animals are not appropriate.

Recommended sources are :

The 3Rs in Animal Research

Replacement – the use of non-animal methods to achieve the same ends

Reduction – reducing the number of animals used to achieve the required results

Refinement – enhancing animal welfare, minimising adverse effects, maximising the benefits of the research

General Guideline

  1.  Whenever an animal’s life is to be taken, the animal must be treated with the highest degree of respect.
  2.  When performing euthanasia, the intention should be to make the animal’s death as distress-free and painless as possible. Therefore, the method likely to cause the least distress and pain to the animal should be selected, consistent with the nature of the experimental protocol.
  3. Euthanasia should result in rapid loss of consciousness, followed by respiratory and cardiac arrest and ultimate loss of all brain function.
  4.  Euthanasia should aim to minimize any pain and distress experienced by the animal prior to loss of consciousness. When appropriate, restraint should be used in such a manner that pain and distress associated with the entire process are minimized.
  5. Methods used for euthanasia must be appropriate for the species, age and health status of the animal.
  6. Death must be verified following euthanasia and prior to disposal of the animal.
  7. Personnel responsible for carrying out the euthanasia must be trained to carry it out in the most effective and humane manner; recognize signs of pain and distress in relevant species; and recognize and confirm unconsciousness, and subsequently death, in relevant species.
  8. Human psychological responses to euthanasia should be taken into consideration when selecting the method of euthanasia, but should not take precedence over animal welfare considerations.

Reference –


For those who is going to apply for ethical approval from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, please refer to this document:



1. Good news for all researchers : Veterinary Association of Malaysia (VAM) has approved CPD points for IWLACM and LAW workshop. Hurry up to register for the workshops. It is based on first come first serve basis. Please check Menu.

2. UKMAEC has updated the new forms for 2020. This updates apply to all applications.

Please download the new form under the Tab “Related Forms”

  • Please ensure that all documents (Refer Checklist)  are attached with your application form before submitting it to the Secretariat of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Animal Ethics committee (UKMAEC), care of Laboratory Animal Resource Unit, Medical Centre, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Kolej Tun Syed Nasir, Jalan Temerloh, 53200 Kuala Lumpur.
  • To all researchers from Faculty of Medicine UKM, there are an  additional requirement.  You are to fill up an additional  forms as per below.  Softcopy of the forms can be download from SEP FORMS.

Thank you.