GayaUKM© is a LaTeX class for authoring theses that fulfil formatting specifications required by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), Malaysia. Why LaTeX? Many reputable journals prefer manuscripts to be prepared and submitted using LaTeX to ensure consistent adherence to formatting requirements. UKM through its Pusat Pengajian Siswazah (PPS) – or the Centre for Graduate Studies therefore feels that a LaTeX class and guidelines for authoring theses is necessary to promote general document authoring using LaTeX.

The project started in middle 2013 with the following UKM staff; myself, Dr. Mohd Rasidi Rasani, Dr. M. Asyraf Zulkifley, Dr.  Khamisah Jafar all from the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment, UKM. Dr. Lim Lian Tze ( from KDU College Penang. The team was also actively supported by Dr. Wajdi Sadik, then a PhD candidate at the Dept. of Mechanical and Materials, at the faculty. He submitted his thesis in this first UKM-approved LaTeX template. The Deputy Dean, Deputy Dean (Undergraduate & Alumni) Prof. Ir. Dr. Ahmad Kamal Ariffin Mohd Ihsan who is also a LaTeX user, has always given his constructive comments and supports.

Below are the necessary files and documents






GayaUKM© English/Bahasa template with bst and other files


Update May 2019





General installation guidelines

Installation guidelines


Sample from Dr. Wajdi Sadik who first submitted thesis using this template

Sample thesis using GayaUKM©


First Manuscript using LaTeX: Example 1; start an article, table, equation, plot, reference

Example 1


More examples: Example 2

Example 2


More examples: Example 3

Example 3


Managing your document, abstract, folder and sections



Typical saving and inserting an eps figure using Matlab codes and preparing for PSfrag



Typical software



More supports can be found at sites maintained by Dr . Lim Lian Tze:


The authors of the guideline feel that this is only the first steps to using LaTeX. There is wide range of applications where theses authors could improve or develop. There are many packages available to support the styles e.g. plotting or equations in certain faculties. Theses authors are welcome, however they should not use packages that could affect general arrangements. Some understandings of using higher language are recommended but not necessary. For first time LaTeX users, authors are recommended to get ‘head starts’ from more experienced colleagues. This could be authors’ first experience using LaTeX. We hope users benefit and enjoy this!

On behalf of the project,