Volume 11, June 2017

  • From Christianity to Islam: An Analysis of Ibn Rabban’s Approach towards Sira Nabawiyya
    Ahmad Sanusi Azmi, Zulhilmi Mohamed Nor, Amiruddin Mohd Sobali, Mohd Yusuf Ismail & Amran Abdul Halim
    Page 1 | Full Article
  • Children in Brunei Darussalam: Their Educational, Legal and Social Protections
    Amy Young, Pg Norhazlin Pg Hj Muhammad, Osman Bakar, Patrick O’Leary & Mohamad Abdalla
    Page 6 | Full Article
  • The Announcement of Dar al-Harb in Cyber Media in Context of the Theological Policy of Jihad: Reading the Cyber-Jihad and ISIS based on the Pharmakon Characteristic of the Cyber Media
    Burcu Kaya Erdem & Remzi Bilge
    Page 17 | Full Article
  • Muslim Societies’ Ambivalence to Arabic: Reasons, Manifestations and Consequences
    Nadia Selim 
    Page 30 | Full Article
  • An Interpretation of Proper Name References Based on “Principality of Existence” Theory
    Siavash Asadi

    Page 43 | Full Article
  • Social and Economic Foundations of Community Education for Peace in Islam
    Taiwo T. Ambali
    Page 52 | Full Article
  • Tanggungjawab dan Pelaksanaan Zakat Kalangan Minoriti Muslim Thailand
    Obligation and Implementation of Zakat among Muslim Minority in Thailand
    Waeamrene Waepa, Shofian Ahmad, Mohd.Nasran Mohamad & Muhamad Razak Idris
    Page 59 | Full Article