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Sr. Dr. Khairul Nizam Abdul Maulud, MRISM
Diploma Land Surveying, Bsc, Msc in Geoinformatic (UTM), PhD (UKM)

KH 1213 - Geomatics Engineering (for BEng Civil Engineering)
The goal of this course is to give knowledge, understanding and synthesis in engineering survey. The students will be exposed to practical and theoretical knowledge regarding of level measurements, angles and distances. The students are also exposed to the determining the area of landfill and reclamation, setting-out, traversing, tachometry, vertical and horizontal curves, masshaul diagram, area and volume of earthwork and land acquisition. Students are also exposed to the latest geospatial sciences such as Photogrammetry, remote sensing, GIS, GPS and hydrographic survey. At the mid of semester, students are required to undertake one week surveying camp to carry out a comprehensive fieldwork surveying. This course is a core subject in both programs offered by the Department of Civil & Structural Engineering.

KH 4513 - Geographical Information System (GIS)
The aim of the course is to give students exposure on Geographic Information System (GIS) to the field of civil engineering. The course contains including the basic concepts relevant to the application of GIS in the environmental and civil engineering aspect. The focus of the course is the theory of GIS to civil engineering applications. The main topics covered are;

  1. The basic concept and development of GIS in Civil Engineering
  2. Data Processing such as data collection, data processing, and database management, spatial analysis, data manipulation and data output
  3. Integration of GIS, Global Positioning System (GPS) and Remote Sensing in civil engineering solutions
  4. Solving the Civil Engineering problem using GIS (current issue)
KA 6623 - Geospatial Technologies

Students will gain fundamental and applied knowledge in the field of Geomatics and Geoinformatics. Introduction to the current geospatial technologies and areas of application will be exposed to the student. The objectives of this Course is to present and train the students in GIS and Geospatial, where the students are actively dealing with relevant theory by means of lectures, mini projects, exercise and self studying. The project will focus on the implementation and integration of the GIS, Remote Sensing and GPS to analyze all the spatial data and modeling. Students will be given mini project such as small urban development, impact assessment and GIS application. Students must use GIS software such as ArcGIS as a tools and application to solve the problem of civil engineering.