Mathematics Clinic

As an effort to enhance the students’ understanding in Engineering Mathematics, the Fundamental Engineering Studies Programme has initiated a free tutoring session, or known as Mathematics Clinic, which will be held every week and opened for all students. It is one of the efforts in realizing the aim of ‘Zero Failure’ in the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment.

The objectives of Mathematics Clinic are:

(a) Helping the students to have a better understanding and grasp of engineering mathematics so that they can apply the knowledge and skills in other engineering courses.

(b) Helping the students to appreciate the engineering mathematics courses and aware of the importance of mathematics in engineering discipline.

The concept of Mathematics Clinic is a walk-in basis. The mentors are from the lecturers related to those particular courses and aided by tutors. Tutors are the senior students who excelled in those particular courses and they will help to guide their junior friends.

General details of the event are as below:

Date: every week, started from 4th study week to 14th week, Tuesday and Thursday.

Venue: Faculty Meeting Room or Seminar Room 1 (Academic Building), Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment.

Some of the pictures captured during the Mathematics Clinic session.