Mentoring in Engineering Mathematics

Few mentoring efforts have been taken to provide support to the students in need such that they can cope with the courses of engineering mathematics.

Tutoring Friend

Tutoring Friend is one of the elements in Mathematics Clinic where they are the senior students who excelled in engineering mathematics courses. During the clinic session, Tutoring Friend will help the lecturer to guide the students who are weak in mathematics. The guides provided by the Tutoring Friend will cover conceptual understanding and problem solving for the homeworks given in the engineering course. The Tutoring Friend will also act as a facilitator and motivator to the students to encourage them to achieve better in engineering mathematics.

Mathematics Mentoring Program

This mentoring program aims to provide academic mentoring to the students who are weak in mathematics courses. This program is one of the effort to monitor the performance of the students who have been identified scoring low in engineering mathematics courses. The screening process to identify the students in need was done by looking at their past semester exam score in engineering mathematics courses. The lecturers will be the academic mentor to the students. The role of the mentors is to ensure the students attend the mathematics clinic, to give motivation and advice and monitor their performance from time to time.