Math Day FKAB

Math Day FKAB 2017

The Fundamental Engineering Studies Programme, Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment is going to organize its first-ever Mathematics Poster Day on 4th May 2017. The theme of the Math Day FKAB 2017 is “Rethinking Mathematics in Engineering Learning”. This event aims to nurture the students’ interest in engineering and mathematics subjects and to enhance the awareness of the application of mathematics knowledge in engineering courses. Three major interesting activities will be organized during the Math Day FKAB 2017: poster competition, academic talk and project exhibition.

Math Day FKAB 2017

The poster competition is opened to all final year engineering students, where the participants are required to present their engineering final year projects which showcase the application of mathematics knowledge. Students in other study years are welcomed to visit the displayed posters and to have a better understanding of how mathematics knowledge can be incorporated into engineering application.

For the academic talk, Prof. Dr. Roslinda Mohd Nazir has been invited to deliver a talk entitled “Application of Mathematics in Engineering Fields”. Students are welcomed to join the talk to get to know how engineers employ mathematics in solving the challenges encountered in their disciplines.

Together with the poster day, some projects delivered by first year students will be displayed too. The projects are the works done by Vector Calculus students, where they have constructed different 3D surfaces and objects based on what they have learnt in the lectures.

Math Day FKAB 2018

Math Day FKAB was held for the second time to nurture the students’ interest in engineering and to appreciate the mathematics and engineering courses. In addition, this event aimed to incorporate and increase their mathematics and engineering knowledge. For Math Day FKAB 2018, 14 participants have joined the Poster Competition, where the participants were from final-year students (8) and second-year students (6). The Poster Competition set the rule that the participants must emphasize the important mathematics/statistics element used in their study. The participants presented their final year project analysis that used mathematics/statistics in their study whereas second-year students presented the application of Complex Analysis in engineering field.

We also invited Assoc. Prof. Dr. Azmin Sham Rambely, a lecturer from the Faculty of Science and Technology, UKM as the invited speaker in the field of biomechanics which frequently utilizes mathematics application in the research and manufacturing of product. The talk was attended by students such that they are aware of the application of mathematics in analysis and daily life.