A Seminar on School Best Practices

By Murniati Abu Karim
Photo by Izwan Azman

BANGI, 4 November 2022 –  The seminar on Leading and Sustaining Educational Excellence (SeLSEE) aimed to improve leadership professionalism among school administrators and expose them to best practises based on global standards.

The two-day seminar, organised by Pusat GENIUS@Pintar Negara (PGPN), Unversiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), also introduces school leaders and administrators to COGNIA accreditation.

According to its Director, Associate Prof Dr Rorlinda Yusof, among the topics covered during the seminar are Leading Schools of Excellence, Students’ Learning, Assessment Design Analysis, and Data Driven School Improvement Planning.

“All of these topics have been carefully selected to provide opportunities for participants to interact and improve their leadership skills.

“I truly hope that this seminar will have a significant impact on society in general in terms of education, and that education in our country can be developed so that our children can be assisted in reaching their full potential.

“This seminar is also expected to improve professionalism skills among Malaysian school leaders and educators, in addition to providing initial exposure to COGNIA accreditation,” she said.

She also stated that PGPN is Malaysia’s first school to be recognised by COGNIA, an international accreditation body. The accreditation allows PGPN students to pursue their studies at the world’s top universities. This seminar is an initiative to strengthen the partnership between PGPN and COGNIA following their successful accreditation this year in January, she explained.

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