Centre for Automotive Research


Vision and Mission



Committed to be an international centre of excellence reffered to by regional automotive industries.


To be a centre of knowledge for multidisciplinary research, development and professional services in automotive technology.


  • Active participation in research with multidisciplinary expertise related to automotive technology
  • Generation of innovative products, patents and intellectual property in related field
  • To strengthen research networking and dissemination of information nationally and on the international platform
  • To produce professional researchers capable of continuously providing consultancy services to the automotive industry
  • To become a certified research laboratory equipped with up to date facilities
  • Creating a worldwide community of high quality, dedicated and renowned researchers, whilst increasing the population of young local researchers within the community


  • To conduct vehicle engine research
  • To conduct advanced research on automotive electronics
  • To develop new manufacturing techniques in the production of automotive components and systems
  • To develop high technology product design
  • To facilitate link-up of local companies with researchers at academic institutions to form strategic alliances
  • To develop a local and regional reference centre for automotive related companies networking
  • To nurture human resources having expertise and advanced knowledge in automotive engineering


  • Vehicle Reliability and Safety
  • Electric Mobility and Intelligent Vehicle Technologies
  • End of Life Vehicle Remanufacturing and Recycling
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