Centre for Automotive Research


Research Focus

End of Life Vehicle Remanufacturing and Recycling

The ELV Remanufacturing and Recycling team focuses on research related to the handling and management of End-of-Life Vehicles through remanufacturing and recycling. Areas of focus includes socio-technical-economic studies related to ELV implementation, design for efficient recovery of products at the end of their useful life, demand and supply chain and life cycle assessment. The team also focuses on the application of enabling technologies such as additive manufacturing to support ELV remanufacturing and recycling process. Research focus is in-line with the National Automotive Policy 2020, National Remanufacturing Policy and the National Policy of IR4.0.

Selected Projects

Integration of Component Design and Process Effiency in ELV Remanufacturing and Recycling (Ministry of Higher Education- Consortium for Innovation in End of Life Vehicle Remanufacturing and Recycling)

Techno-Economic Evaluations of End-Of-Life Vehicle (ELV) Processes and Material Extraction Method at the Authorised Automotive Treatment Facility (KPT- TRGS)

End Of Life Vehicle Policy and Successful Practices in Japan: Adapting to Malaysian Perspective (Sumitomo Foundation)

Framework for Testing and Verification of Remanufactured Engines (Malaysia Automotive, Robotics and IoT Institute)


End-of-Life Vehicle Systems and Circular Economy Management (ELV)

E-Mobility and Intelligent Vehicle Technologies

The e-mobility research group focuses on the development of improved algorithms, controllers and optimisations for the health prognostic of lithium-ion battery management in EV applications, focusing on battery cell balancing, thermal management, faults diagnosis and prognosis of BMS using data-driven model framework. In the field of intelligent vehicle, research is in the area of vehicular communication and intelligent transportation system (ITS) which includes channel propagation modelling, channel estimation, multiple antennas, machine learning and coding techniques that will increase the robustness of the doubly selective high Doppler and delay spread vehicular channels.

Selected Projects

Development of An Accurate and Robust Algorithm for the State of Charge (SOC), State of Health (SOH) and Remaining Useful Life for Lithium-ion Batteries

Design of An Intelligent Controller for Battery Thermal Management System of BMS in EV

Establishment of Advanced Diagnosis Scheme for Fault Detection, Isolation and Protection of Lithium-ion Battery Storage Systems in EV Considering Aging Effects

Development of Advanced Controller Schemes for Lithium-ion Battery Cell Equalization of BMS in EV

Design and Development of an Embedded Prototype Product for Cell Balancing, Thermal Management and Fault Diagnosis for BMS in EV


Electric Mobility and Intelligent Vehicle Technologies (E-Mobility)

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