This month’s cybersecurity talk focuses on data privacy issues such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and new development on the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) in Malaysia and ASEAN. The GDPR, currently described as “gold standard” in data protection, has an extra territorial application that influenced the developments of privacy protection around the globe and particularly in Asia where organisations with international outreach should be made aware of. A comparative analysis on the GDPR and PDPA will be discussed in this talk.

On the other hand, an insider threat is being defined as the threats by an insider to harm an organisation by leveraging on his or her privileged level of knowledge and/or access. An “insider threat” may not necessarily be driven by malicious intent; it may constitute an individual who is complacent or ignorant about security policies and procedures. A lack of training, for example, can lead to ignorance or complacency which in turn can make an organisation vulnerable to security threats.

This session’s talk will discuss how to be in compliance with relevant privacy protection policies and at being able to manage insider threats in any organisation at the same time – Who should be in charge and how to draw a line that fits for addressing both requirements at the same time?
Two panelists will share their views on this subject, Prof Abu Bakar Munir, the expert in privacy regulation and Mr Roshandev Singh, the provider of insider threat solutions from E-Safe Systems and moderated by Prof Col (R) Dato’ Dr Husin Jazri CISSP.



Prof Abu Bakar Munir    

Prof Abu Bakar holds a Master of Laws from University of Warwick and has extensive experiences in conducting research and writing books for Cyber Security and Technology-related Laws. As a Professor of Law, he specializes in Cyber Law and Policy, Privacy and Data Protection Law, Nanotechnology Law and Policy, Air and Space Law and Renewable Energy Law and Policy. Over the years, Prof Abu Bakar has been actively involved in the development of various Acts and Bills, such as the Personal Data Protection Act (2010) and the Safe Water Drinking Bill (2010) for the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. Internationally, he has contributed to the Indonesian government by providing his expertise in drafting various laws for the country, such as the Personal Data Protection Law and the Internet Content Code for the Ministry of Communication and Information, Indonesia.
In 2010, Prof Abu Bakar was awarded with the Minister’s Award and was recognized as the Information Security Visionary of the Year by Cyber Security Malaysia.


Mr. Roshandev Singh

Roshan comes from a long background of technological enthusiasm. He obtained a broad base of knowledge of software development and project management by working through a Bachelor of Computer Science in the prestigious University of Sydney. Since then, he has spent his career on growing the business of software companies primarily throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia.

He has actively been engaged in product development and marketing efforts for one of the largest SaaS companies in the world, and helped client businesses flourish through the use of technology. Now, Roshan heads up business development globally for e-Safe Systems, and has been involved with companies across ANZ and Malaysia to help them solve the key challenges around data security, insider threats, and compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR, PDPA, and NDB.



Associate Professor Col (R) Dato’ Husin Jazri CISSP

Associate Professor Col (R) Dato’ Dr Husin Hazri is currently the Senior Director of Information Security, Asia Pacific University. He is also an Associate Professor for Cybersecurity at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) and was awarded the Best Teaching Professor in 2017. Professor Dato’ Husin helped to set up the Malaysian Computer Emergency Response Team (MyCERT) as a co-founder. Professor Dato’ Husin Jazri is also a co-founder and the first Chair of APCERT, the founder of OIC-CERT and had provided strategic consultancies in cybersecurity to government and private sectors in Malaysia, Africa and Middle East. He was the recipient of the prestigious Harold Tipton Lifetime Acheivement Award 2010 by the ISC2 for his outstanding works in cybersecurity.

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