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Current Research Interest

Bil.Expert’s NameCurrent Research Interest
1.Dr Wye Chung Khain1. Gender Wage Differentials
2. Labour Market Outcomes of Minimum Wage Adjustment
3. Skills Mismatch
4. International Migration Through University Enrolment
2.Dr. Naziatul Aziah Binti Mohd Radzi1. ESG
2. Climate Change
3. Circular Economy
4. Community Well-Being
3.Dr. Nur Sa'adah Binti Muhamad1. Social Service Innovation
2. Viable System Model
3. Halal Industry
4. Islamic-Based Services
4.Assoc. Prof. Dr. Doris Padmini A/P S. Selvaratnam1. Social Impact Assessment For Community Development
5.Prof. Dr. Tamat Sarmidi1. Applied Macroeconomics
2. Development Economics And Natural Resources
3. Applied Econometrics
6.Dr. Roshayati Binti Abdul Hamid1. Food Loss And Waste Management (Supply Chain Management)
2. Precarious Employment (Organisational Behaviour)
7.Prof. Dr. Ruzita Binti Abdul Rahim1. Fintech Adoption
2. Behaviour Of Equity (IPO & SEO) And Cryptocurrency Markets
3. Corporate Finance Issues: Capital Structure, M&A & Risk Management
4. Efficient Market Hypothesis
8.Assoc. Prof. Nor Liza Abdullah1. Dynamic Capabilities
2. Social Business
3. Women Leadership
9.Assoc. Prof. Dr. Shahida Shahimi1. ESG In Banking Institutions
2. Ethical Banking
3. Value-Based Banking
4. Social & Financial Inclusion Of Vulnerable Society
10.Encik Aminudin Mokhtar1. Cryptocurrency
11.Dr. Siti Ngayesah Ab Hamid1. Ethical Marketing
2. Islamic Marketing
12.Dr. Norazila Mat1. Digital Business
2. IT In Business Management
3. Knowledge Management.
13.Dr. Abdul Hafizh Mohd Azam1. Monetary Policy
14.Dr. Mohd Nasir Saukani1. Inclusive Innovation
2. Sharing/Platform Economy
15.Prof. Dr. Abdul Ghafar Ismail1. Hierarchical Framework For Zakah Institution Governance In Malaysia Towards An Effective Mobilization Of Funds To Vulnerable Groups
2. Integrating Constitutional Rules With Halal Economy Ecosystem For Global Socio-Economic Development
16.Dr. Janette Marcial @ Nur Atiqah Abdullah1. Industrial And Organizational Psychology
2. Human Resource Management
3. Positive Psychology
17.Prof. Dr. Nor Asiah Omar1. Sustainable Consumer Behavior And Wellbeing
18.Dr. Noorsakinah Binti Abdul Wahab1. Corporate Sustainability Disclosure
2. Corporate Esg (Environment, Social And Governance)
3. Business Ethics Surrounding Accounting Issues
4. Corporate Tax Morale
19.Assoc. Dr. Rohayu Abdul Ghani1. Competency Based Talent Management
2. Leadership & Succession Planning
3. Work-Life Balance
20.Prof. Dr. Aisyah Abdul Rahman1. Financial Technology (Fintech)
2. Bank Risk
3. Islamic Banking And Finance
21.Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maizatulakma Abdullah1. Accounting For Sustainability
2. Risk Management Reporting
3. Cooperative
22.Dr. Norazlan Alias1. Corporate Finance And Governance
23.Dr. Noor Hasni Juhdi1. Entrepreneurship
2. Dynamic Capability
3. Sustainability MSMES
4. Market Development
5. Strategic Management
6. Uncertainty Management
24.Dr. Noor Azryani Auzairy1. Sustainable Investment
25.Dr. Masoud Yahoo1. CGE Modelling;
2. Land-Use, Land-Use Change And Climate-Change Policy Analysis;
3. Energy And Environmental Cge Modelling;
4. Renewable Energy Systems And Applications;
5. Trade Modeling.
26.Dr. Rosiati Ramli1. Environmental Taxes,
2. Tax Compliance
4. Tax Administration
5. Tax System
27.Dr. Hamezah Md Nor1. Environmental, Social And Governance
28.Dr. Elaina Rose1. Employee Wellbeing
29.Dr. Nadzirah Rosli1. AI
2. Gamification
30.Dr. Ahmad Monir Abdullah1. Financial Econometrics
31.Assoc. Prof. Dr. Md Daud Ismail1. Knowledge Management In Interorganizational Relationship Among SMES Exporters
32.Dr. Nurul Atasha Binti Jamaludin1. Immigrant Entrepreneurship
2. Digital Entrepreneurship
33.Prof. Dato Dr. Norman Mohd Saleh1. Integrated Reporting
2. Climate Related Disclosure
34.Dr. Syaima' Bt Adznan1. Financial Reporting For Islamic Banks
2. Shariah Governance
35.Dr. Azlina Ahmad1. Accounting & Financial Reporting
2. ESG & Integrated Reporting
36.Prof. Dr. Zulkefly B Abdul Karim1. Applied Econometrics In The Era Of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, And Ambiguity) World Using Aggregate, Industry, And Firm-Level Data
2. Modelling Monetary And Fiscal Policy
3. Stock And Capital Market Analysis
37.Dr. Norida Basnan1. Public-Private Partnership Accountability Reporting
2. Public Sector Sustainability (ESG) Reporting
38.Dr Khairul Naziya Binti Kasim1. Organizational Dynamic Capabilities
39.Dr. Noor Azuan Binti Hashim1. Digital Entrepreneurship And Innovation.
40.Dr. Mara Ridhuan Bin Che Abdul Rahman1. ESG Reporting
41.Dr. Zaini Embong 1. Information Quality
2. Earnings Quality
3. ESG
4. CSR
42.Dr. Mohd Fahmi Bin Ghazali1. Geopolitical Risk
43.Dr. Suhaili Alma'amun1. Pendanaan Awam (Crowdfunding)
2. Pengurusan Harta Pusaka Islam (Islamic Estate Planning)
3. Pengurusan Kewangan Peribadi Seperti Persaraan, Pendidikan, Pengurusan Hutang Dari.
44.Dr. Sharizal Bin Hashim1. Strategic Brand Management
2. Digital Marketing/Branding
3. Entrepreneurship Sustainability
45.Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Azlan Shah Zaidi1. Effects Of Economic Uncertainties And Technological Development On Economic Performance
46.Dr. Janette Marcial @ Nur Atiqah Abdullah1. Positive Psychology
2. Psychological Well-Being
47.Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mariani Abdul Majid1. Sustainability/ ESG
2. Financial Technology (Fintech)
3. Financial Inclusion
48.Dr. Syajarul Imna Mohd Amin1. Sustainable Finance
2. Fintech
49.Dr. Elaina Rose Binti Johar1. Employee Wellbeing
50.Encik Mohd Shukri Hajinoor1. South Korean Technology / Microchip Manufacturing Companies Amid US-China Tech War
2. Korean Economic Miracle Revisited, The Loss Decades Of Japan, And The Advent Of China: What Can Malaysia Learn?
3. Network Effects, Positive Feedbacks And Complex Systems In Tech Companies Competitions.
4. Technological Change And Digital Economy
52.Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Azlan Shah Zaidi1. Positive Psychology
2. Psychological Well-Being
53.Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mariani Abdul Majid1. Sustainability / ESG
2. Financial Technology (Fintech)
3. Financial Inclusion
54.Dr. Syajarul Imna Mohd Amin1. Sustainable Finance
2. Fintech
55.Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Hasimi Yaacob1. Sustainable Finance/Investment
2. Corporate Governance (ESG)
3. Behaviour of Equity Markets
4. Corporate Finance Issues: Capital Structure, M&A & Risk Management
5. Efficient Market Hypothesis
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