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Campus Map


f1. Faculty of Islamic Studies
f2. Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
f3. Faculty of Economics and Management
      Centre  for Entrepreneurship & SME's Development (UKM-CESMED)
f4. Faculty of Science and Technology
f5. FST - Plant Lab Complex
f6. GENIUS@Pintar National Gifted Centre
f7. FST - Animal Lab
f8. FST - Biocompatibility Lab
f9. FST - Electronic Microscopic Unit and Molecular Biology Lab
f10. Nuclear Science Building
f11. FST-GCMS Lab
f12. School of Liberal Studies (CITRA UKM)
f13. Center for Research in Language and Linguistics (PPBL)
f14. Faculty of Education
f15. Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment
f16. Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment (New building)
f17. UKM - Mercator Office
f18. Faculty of Law
f19. Faculty of Information Science and Technology
i2. UKM-GSB Graduate School of Business