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Vol. 23, June 2023

Analysing the Islamist and New-Islamist Discourse on Minorities in an Islamic State

Adil Hussain Bhat 

Keywords: citizenship, dhimmis, Islamists, Islamic state, new-Islamists, wasatiyyah

Page 1-10


Revert Daie: Lived Experiences of Indian Preachers in Malaysia

Aemy Elyani Mat Zain, Jaffary Awang, Haslina Ibrahim & Ahmad Faizuddin Ramli 

Keywords: Da’wa, Indian preacher, lived experience, Malaysia, Revert

Page 11-18


Malay Muslim Youths of Suburban Areas: Their Tendency in Electing Political Leaders

Azrie Azeh, Marzudi Md Yunus & Mohammad Tawfik Yaakob

Keywords: Islam, Malay Muslim, political leaders, suburban, youth

Page 19-26


The Othering Concept towards the Church in the Amrika Allati Ra’aytu Travelogue by Sayyid Qutb

Firuz-Akhtar Lubis & Nur Asyiqin Zohkarnain 

Keywords: American society, church, othering, Sayyid Qutb, travelogue

Page 27-38


The Development of Islamic Feminism in Malaysia

Indriaty Ismail 

Keywords: discrimination, emancipation, feminism, ideology, justice

Page 39-49


Prospects for the Expansion of Language Policies in the Bangsamoro Education Code

Jeconiah Louis Dreisbach & Sharon Mendoza-Dreisbach 

Keywords: applied linguistics, Bangsamoro, language policy, Philippines, Public policy

Page 50-55


Restoring Communal Harmony in India: A Critical Analysis of Wahiduddin Khan’s Ideas

Khalil Ahmad 

Keywords: Hindutva, Hudaibiyyah, Islamophobia, religious harmony, Wahiduddin Khan

Page 56-64


Development of the Theoretical Construction Model of Muslim Religious Character with Confirmatory Factor Analysis to Develop a Measurement Scale

Mami Hajaroh, Siti Irene Astuti Dwiningrum & Rukiyati 

Keywords: Islam, meta-analysis, religiosity, religiosity measurement scale

Page 65-78


Analisis Perundangan dan Kes Hibah Amanah di Malaysia

Legal Analysis and Trust Hibah Cases in Malaysia

Mohd Zamro Muda, Nurnazirah Rosdi & Noor Lizza Mohamed Said 

Keywords: courts, hibah, law, trust, trust hibah

Page 79-90


Females Roles and Their Social World in Al-Andalus

Riza Afita Surya & Daya Negri Wijaya 

Keywords: Muslim, women history, al-Andalus

Page 91-98


Media and Muslim Societies during the Time of Islamic Revivalism (1800s-1950s)

Shafizan Mohamed 

Keywords: Muslim societies, media, Islam, modernism, revivalism

Page 99-108


University Students Adaptation to the Chinese Culture: A Case Study of Middle East and North Africa (MENA) University Students in China

Shuo Zhao; Al-Nahdi, Yousef Ali Ahmed Saleh; Fuzhen Si & Tehmina Firdous 

Keywords: adaptation, Arabs, China, culture, university

Page 109-125


Falsafah Maqasid al-Quran Imam al-Ghazali dan Faham Ilmu

al-Ghazali’s Philosophy of Maqasid al-Quran and the Nature of Knowledge

Siddig Ahmad & Wan Suhaimi Wan Abdullah  

Keywords: maqasid al-Qur’an, objectives of the Qur’an, the nature of knowledge, worldly benefits, hereafter benefits

Page 126-135


The Role of Muhammad Iqbal and Ali Bey Huseynzade in the Formation of National Identity Among Indian and Azerbaijani Muslims

Turkan Mammadova 

Keywords: Muhammad Iqbal, Ali bey Huseynzade, Muslims, self-consciousness, national identity, independent state

Page 136-143


Is Siwak (Chewing Stick) an Effective Oral Hygiene Practice in Modern Society?

Tuti Ningseh Mohd Dom, Haslinda Ramli, Shahida Mohd Said & Ahmad Munawar Ismail 

Keywords: siwak practice; prophet’s practice; religious belief; Muslim scholars; oral hygiene

Page 144-154


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Vol. 23, June 2023

Vol. 23, June 2023

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