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Vol. 25, June 2024

Navigating Peace: Al-Qaradawi’s Critique of Arab-Israeli Relations in the Trump Era

Ainul Asyraf Lokman & Mohd Roslan Mohd Nor
Keywords: Abraham Accords, Arab-Israeli, Al-Qaradawi, normalization, Palestine

Page 1-14


The Authority of Khalwatiyah Tariqa of Sheikh Yusuf Al-Makassary on Fostering Religious Moderation in South Sulawesi

Aminah Azis, Mustaqim Pabbajah, Hannani & M. Taufiq Hidayat Pabbajah

Keywords: Authority, KTSYA, Religious Moderation, Social Construction, Sufi Leader’s

Page 15-26


Knowledge Integration in Indonesian State Islamic Institutes and Universities: A Review

Hasbollah Toisuta, Saidin Ernas, & Sri Ratna Dewi Lampong

Keywords: Integration of science, Indonesia, Islamic university, Islamization of knowledge, scientific paradigm

Page 27-36


A Biometrics Analysis of Economics and Finance Concepts in the Hadith Literature

M. Kabir Hassan, Hasan Kazak, Ahmet Tayfur Akcan & Muşerref Arik

Keywords: Bibliometric analysis, content analysis, hadith, VOSviewer, Web of Science

Page 37-58


The Unholy War of Boko Haram: A Comprehensive Analysis

Mariya Shaikh

Keywords: Africa, Boko Haram, Islam, Nigeria, terrorism

Page 59-69


Insulting Religions from the Perspective of International Law: A Descriptive and Analytical Study

Maya Khater

Keywords: Human rights, international law, Islamophobia, religious hate speech, respect for religions

Page 70-77


Halal Certification for Small Scale Enterprise in Indonesia: Policy Changing Impacts

Moh Zaenal Abidin Eko Putro, Suhanah, M. Fakhruddin & Asnawati Mardamin

Keywords: halal certificate, halal certification body, Indonesia, small scale enterprise

Page 78-84


Ruling Determination of Genetically Modified Foods (GMF) in Islam

Mohd Izhar Ariff Mohd Kashim, Mohd Helmy Mokhtar, Nur Asmadayana Hasim & Farah Ayuni Mohd Hatta

Keywords: genetically modified foods, halal products, Islam, maqasid syariah, modern biotechnology

Page 85-96


Adolescent at Risk and Prevention Stigma from Hadith Perspective

Muhammad Arif Yahya, Nurul Aqilah Mohamad Asri & Zaizul Ab Rahman

Keywords: At-risk adolescents, hadith, integration, intervention, psychosocial wellbeing

Page 97-108


Resistance of Islamist Groups to Government Policies in the Settlement of Religious Radicalism

Novi Hendri, Saifuddin Qudsy, Maiza Elvira & Ismail

Keywords: Government Policy, Islamist Groups, Religion, Resistance, Radicalism

Page 109-121


Reflections on Neuroethical Issues in Neuroimaging Research Advances from the Islamic Perspective

Nurfaizatul Aisyah Ab Aziz, Muzaimi Mustapha & Sabarisah Hashim

Keywords: Ethical issues, Islamic legal maxims, neuroethics, neuroimaging

Page 122-135


Systematic Literature Review of the Research Design Based on Fatwa Methods

Siti Aishah Zainudin, Shahir Akram Hassan & Wan Mohd Khairul Firdaus Wan Khairuldin

Keywords: Epistemology, fatwa, Islamic research methodology, research design, tasawur

Page 136-151


Language and Its Philosophy in the Views of Al-Farabi: A Discussion in the Light of the Quran

Shuaibu Umar Gokaru, Mustaffa Abdullah, Faisal @ Ahmad Faisal Abdul Hamid & Youcef Bensala

Keywords: Al-Farabi, Language, Philosophy, Quranic Perspective

Page 152-159


Matlamat Pembangunan Mampan (SDGS) dalam Kerangka Malaysia Madani dan Prinsip Maqasid
Sustainable Development Goals in the Framework of Malaysia Madani and the Principle of Maqasid

Wan Fariza Alyati Wan Zakaria, Ahmad Sunawari Long & Zul’azmi Yaakob

Keywords: Sustaiable Development Goals (SDGs), Malaysia Madani, Maqasid Principle

Page 160-176


The Growth and Challenges of Islamic Finance in Thailand

Zakariya Hama, Muhammad Roflee Waehama & Muhammad Afeefee Assalihee

Keywords: Islamic banking, Islamic capital market, Islamic finance, Islamic insurance, Islam in Thailand

Page 177-193


Navigating Belief in Qadar (Destiny) with the Contemporary Understanding of Risk Management

Zuleyha Keskin & Rinto Azhar

Keywords: Divine destiny, divine predestination, qadar, risk management

Page 194-203


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Vol. 25, June 2024

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