Institute of Microengineering and Nanoelectronics

 Institute of Microengineering and Nanoelectronics

Dr. Muhammad Aniq Shazni Mohammad Haniff

Research Fellow / Senior Lecturer
Phone: +603-89118560
E-mail: /


2016 Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering), Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
2011 B.Eng. (Mechanical Engineering), Universiti Teknologi Mara, Malaysia


Research Interest:
Nanomaterials, compound semiconductors, nanofabrication, strain-pressure sensor and gas sensor.


Research Experiences:
2015 – 2019 Senior researcher, Advanced Devices Lab, MIMOS Berhad
2012 – 2015 Research assistant, Nanoelectronics Lab, MIMOS Berhad


Member, Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM)
Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
Member, Malaysia Nanotechnology Association (MNA)

Reviewer for ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (American Chemical Society), Carbon (Elsevier), Nanotechnology (IOPscience) and Journal of Materials Science (Springer)


Selected Publication:

  1. Ooi, PC; Haniff, M.A.S.M.; Wee, M.F.M.R.; Goh, B.T.; Dee, C.F.; Mohamed, M.A.; Majlis, B.Y. Electrical Transportation Mechanisms of Molybdenum Disulfide Flakes-Graphene Quantum Dots Heterostructure Embedded in Polyvinylidene Flouride Polymer. Sci. Rep. 9(1) (2019) 6761. (WoS-Q1)
  2. Haniff, M.A.S.M.; Ariffin, N.H.Z.; Hafiz, S.M.; Ooi, P.C.; Syono, M.I.; Hashim, A.M. Wafer-Scale Fabrication of Nitrogen-Doped Reduced Graphene Oxide with Enhanced Quaternary-N for High-Performance Photodetection. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 11 (2019) 4625-4636. (WoS-Q1)
  3. Ooi, P.C.; Haniff, M.A.S.M.; Wee, M.F.M.R.; Dee, C.F.; Goh, B.T.; Mohamed, M.A.; Majlis, B.Y. Reduced Graphene Oxide Preparation and Its Applications in Solution-Processed Write-Once-Read-Many-Times Graphene-Based Memory Device. Carbon 124 (2017) 547-554. (WoS-Q1)
  4. Haniff, M.A.S.M.; Hafiz, S.M.; Huang, N.M.; Rahman, S.A.; Wahid, K.A.A.; Syono, M.I. Piezoresistive Effect in Plasma-Doping of Graphene Sheet for High Performance Flexible Pressure Sensing Application. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 9(17) (2017) 15192-15201. (WoS-Q1)
  5. Haniff, M.A.S.M., Hafiz, S.M.; Huang, N.M.; Rahman, S.A.; Wahid, K.A.A.; Syono, M.I. Nitrogen-doped Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Decorated with Copper(I) Oxide Nanoparticles with Enhanced Capacitive Properties. J. Mater. Sci. 52(11) (2017) 6280-6290. (WoS-Q1)
  6. Haniff, M.A.S.M.; Hafiz, S.M.; Wahid, K.A.A.; Endut, Z.; Lee, H.W.; Bien, D.C.S.; Azid, I.A.; Abdullah, M.Z.; Huang, N.M.; Rahman, S.A. Piezoresistive Effects in Controllable Defective HFTCVD Graphene-Based Flexible Pressure Sensor. Sci. Rep. 5 (2015) 14751. (WoS-Q1)



  1. Method for forming Bernal-stacking in graphene layers. (Application No.: PI 2018002033)
    Self-assembled graphene bump. (Application No.: PI 20170001970)
  2. Fabrication of large-scale n-type graphene with main graphitic-N content. (Application No.: PI 2017001820)
    A method of forming heterogeneous carbon-capped magnetic nanoparticles for giant magnetoresistance effect. (Application No.: PI 2017001433)
  3. A method for forming graphene oxide patterns on a wafer-scale level. (Application No.: PI 2016002288)
  4. Inkjet-printable graphene-based conductive ink. (Application No.: PI 2016002041)
  5. A method of forming carbon microstructures on a substrate. (Application No.: PI 20160001036)
  6. Strained graphene and a method of fabrication thereof. (Application No.: PI 2015701632)
  7. A graphene pressure sensor. (Application No.: PI 2015701616)
    Ion-sensitive field-effect transistor (ISFET) with nanostructures and fabrication method thereof. (Application No.: PCT/MY2015/000033)
  8. A pressure sensor. (Application No.: PCT/MY2013/000270)
    Dual range pressure sensor. (Application No.: PCT/MY2013/000268)
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