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Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequent Questions

How do I apply for IP protection?
How long will it take for my application to be approved for IP protection?

Duration for IP protection from the date of application by the inventor varies for different types of IP.

What is the difference between a patent and a utility innovation?

patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention, which is a product or a process that provides a new way of doing something, or offers a technical solution to a problem. A patent provides protection for a period of 20 years from the date of filing.

utility innovation is an exclusive right granted for a ‘minor’ invention. The requirements for acquiring a utility model are less stringent than for patents. Utility innovations are protected for an initial period of 10 years which may be extended for another two 5-year terms, providing a total protection period of 20 years.

(Source: Malaysia Intellectual Property Organisation)

Can we file for patent after the invention is made public before filing a patent?

Yes, in Malaysia, the grace period to file patent/utility innovation is within 12 months from the date of publication/disclosure.

What happens after the patent expires?

When a patent expires (reaches its twentieth anniversary), the owner can no longer claim exclusivity on its usage.

There is no registration for copyright in Malaysia. The work is protected automatically upon creation. However, the inventor can apply for voluntary notification which an enhancement to the copyright protection system in Malaysia where a notification of copyrighted work is deposited to MyIPO.

(Source: Malaysia Intellectual Property Organisation)

The owner could either:-

Perform a Statutory Declaration in accordance with the Statutory Declaration Act 1960; or Self-address the work in a sealed envelope.


(Source: Malaysia Intellectual Property Organisation)

Where is INOVASI@UKM™ office located?

INOVASI@UKM™ is located at UKM main campus, Bangi.

GPS coordinate: 2.9272848,101.783832,17

Can we commercialise our invention without going through UKMTech?

All IPs are to be commercialised through INOVASI@UKM™ as mentioned in the IP Commercialisation Policy. However, if UKM does not agree to commercialise the IP, UKM may assign the IP to the inventor for them to exploit.

Can a researcher become the CEO of the Start-up Company?

It is not advisable for a researcher to be the CEO of the company. The CEO must be actively involved in business and management of the company. The researcher should concentrate on the technical aspects and development of the product and is more needed as the Technical Advisor of the company.

What are the funds that INOVASI@UKM™ manage?

Internal Fund

  1. Innovation Fund (for prototype development),
  2. Lab-to-market Fund (for commercialisation of UKM’s IP ); and


External Fund

  1. Prototype Research Grant Scheme (PRGS)
  2. Malaysia Laboratories for Academia-Business Collaboration (MyLAB)
  3. Public-Private Research Network (PPRN)
  4. The Collaborative Research in Engineering, Science and Technology Centre (CREST)
Who is involved in the evaluations UKM Innovation Fund proposals?

a.    Director of INOVASI@UKM™

b.    Director of CRIM

c.     CEO of UKMTech

d.    Deputy Director of INOVASI@UKM™

e.    Industry partner

f.     Chairman / Niche representatives of Research niche

g.    Senior Manager Technology Transfer of INOVASI@UKM™

What are crucial aspects for Innovation Fund proposal presentation?

a. Overview project (Proof of Concept)

b. Target market

c. Budget

d. Milestones & Deliverables

Is it possible to use UKM Innovation Fund to hire a research assistant?

The researchers can only appoint technical help such as programmers, technical officers etc.

Prof. Madya Dr. Rizafizah Othaman
Pusat Bahan Termaju Dan Sumber Keterbaharuan (PBTSK)
Emel: rizafizah@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 0137408708

Dr. Fairous Salleh
Pejabat Dekan
Emel: fairoussalleh@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 019 276-1691

Faculty Science & Technology (FST)

Dr. Lam Meng Chun
Pusat Kajian Teknologi Kecerdasan Buatan
Emel: lammc@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 012 533-0421

Puan Nurdiyana Mohd Yassin
Pejabat Dekan
Emel: n.diyana@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 013 714-3243

Faculty of Information Science & Technology (FTSM)

Prof. Dr. Mohd Yazid Bajuri
Jabatan Ortopedik & Traumatologi
Emel: ezeds007@yahoo.com.my
Tel: 013 307-7637

Emel: clarence@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 012 214-9465

Faculty of Medicine

Prof. Madya Dr. Mohamad Hanif Md Saad
Jabatan Kejuruteraan Mekanikal dan Pembuatan
Emel: hanifsaad@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 019 666-9395

Puan Roslena Md. Zaini
Pej. Dekan
Emel: roslena@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 019 285-8796

Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment

Prof. Madya Dr. Ahmad Yunus bin Mohd Nor
Pusat Kajian Usuluddin dan Falsafah
Emel: a_yunus@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 018 395-8073

Hazira binti Mohd Nor
Urusetia Penyelidikan dan Inovasi
Emel: hazira.mohdnor@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 013 624-0654

Faculty of Islamic Studies (FPI)

Dr. Hafizah bt Omar Zaki
Pusat Kajian Perniagaan Global dan Ekonomi Digital
Emel: hafizah.omar@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 013 868-9596

Cik Siti Noor Kamaliah binti Mat Jusoh
Sekretariat Jaringan Industri dan Masyarakat
Emel: snkamaliah@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 013 392-7436

Faculty of Economics & Management (FEP)

Prof. Madya Dr. Siti Fardaniah Binti Abdul Azizi
Pusat Kajian Psikologi dan Kesejahteraan Manusia
Emel: daniah@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 013 371-3765

Puan Aznur Aisyah Binti Abdullah
Pusat Kajian Bahasa dan Linguistik
Emel: aznuraisyah@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 016 216-4500

Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities (FSSK)

Prof. Madya Dr. Zahara Abdul Manaf
Pusat Kajian Penuaan Sihat & Kesejahteraan
Emel: zaharamanaf@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 019 276-4541

Dr. Samruhaizad Samian@Samion
Pusat Kajian Rehabilitasi & Keperluan Khas
Emel: samruhaizad@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 016 952-7937

Faculty of Health Sciences (FSK)

Dr. Fhataheya Buang
Pengawai Penyelidik
Pejabat Dekan F.FArmasi
Emel: fhataheya_buang@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 03-9289 7963
Berkuatkuasa sehingga: 31 Mei 21

Faculty of Pharmacy

Emel: zamre@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 601 3222-5694

Emel: rohaidaa@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 601 9381-4797

Faculty of Law (FUU)

Jabatan Kesihatan Pergigian Keluarga
Emel: rohaya_megat@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 019 338-2703

Siti Hajar Binti Mohammad
Pejabat Dekan
Emel: sitihajar87@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 014 847-2496

Faculty of Dentistry

Prof. Madya Dr. Harwati Hashim
Pejabat Timbalan Dekan (Pra-Siswazah)
Emel: harwati@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 03 8921-6245

Azrizal Mohamed Zin
Pegawai Penyelidik Sosial Kanan
Pejabat Dekan FPEN
Emel: azrizal@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 03-8921 6250

Faculty of Education (FPen)

Dr. Ida Rosnita Ismail
UKM_Graduate School of Business (UKM-GSB)
Emel: idarosnita@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 601 4298-3768

Asma Qamaliah Abdul Hamid
UKM_Graduate School of Business (UKM-GSB)
Emel: asma.qamaliah@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 601 7253-8354

Graduate School of Business (GSB)

Dr. Ummul Hanan binti Mohamad
Institut Informatik Visual (IVI)
Emel: ummulhanan@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 016 578-9624

Prof. Madya Dr. Mohammad Nazir bin Ahmad @ Sharif
Institut Informatik Visual (IVI)
Emel: mnazir@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 017 900-0470

Institute of IR4.0

Emel: norshariani@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 013 737-8575

Institut Islam Hadhari (HADHARI)
Emel: maheran@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 012 950-5067

Institute of Islam Hadhari (HADHARI)

Dr. Halim Haji Razali
Fotovoltan Terma Suria
Emel: drhalimrazali@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 0112 304-1471

Ahmad Afif Safwan bin Mohd Radzi
Fotovoltan Terma Suria
Emel: afifseri@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 017 393-6749

Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI)

Dr. Nik Mohamad Hasif bin Mat
Institut Kajian Malaysia & Antarabangsa (IKMAS)
Emel: nikhasif@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 013 202-1155

Cik Farizan Nur 'Izzati Mohamed Khatib
Institut Kajian Malaysia & Antarabangsa (IKMAS)
Emel: farizankhatib@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 016 386-7725

Institute of Malaysian and International Studies

Dr. Tan Ling Ling @ Chong Ling Ling
Institut Alam Sekitar & Pembangunan (LESTARI)
Emel: lingling@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 012 232-1300

Mohd Fairus Awang
Institut Alam Sekitar & Pembangunan (LESTARI)
Emel: fairusawang@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 010 400-4847

Institute For Environment And Development

Dr. Lee Pey Yee
Institut Perubatan Molekul (UMBI)
Emel: leepeyyee@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 016 321-7470

Khairun Nur Abd Ghafar
Institut Perubatan Molekul (UMBI)
Emel: khairunghafar@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 018 971-9081

UKM Medical Molecular Biology Institute (UMBI)

Dr. Norazuwana Binti Shaari
Institut Sel Fuel (SELFUEL)
Emel: norazuwanashaari@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 017 699-1765

Encik Mohd Faizal Bin Md Nasir
Institut Sel Fuel (SELFUEL)
Emel: mfaizal@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 019 614-1257

Fuel Cell Institute (SELFUEL)

Prof. Madya Dr. Siow Kim Shyong
Institut Kejuruteraan Mikro & Nanoelektronik (IMEN)
Emel: kimsiow@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 03-8911-8542

Institut Kejuruteraan Mikro & Nanoelektronik (IMEN)
Emel: ahafiz@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 03-8911 8152

Institute of Microengineering and Nanoelectronics

Prof. Madya Dr. Mohammad Rashed Iqbal Faruque
Pusat Sains Angkasa
Tel: 010 293-8061
Emel: rashed@ukm.edu.my

Noridawaty Mat Daud
Institut Perubahan Iklim (IPI)
Tel: 019 266-1109
Emel: nmd@ukm.edu.my

Institute of Climate Change (IPI)

Dr. Noor Atika Shafinaz Nazri
Institut Kajian Etnik (KITA)
Emel: atikashafinaz@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 019 202-5752

Noorrulhawa Abu Bakar
Institut Kajian Etnik (KITA)
Emel: noorrulab@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 019 577-7203

Institute of Ethnic Studies (KITA)

Institut Biologi Sistem (INBIOSIS)
Emel: murninazira@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 013 983-7956

Institut Biologi Sistem (INBIOSIS)
Emel: munirah@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 013 502-9240

Institute of Systems Biology (INBIOSIS)

Dr. Deepashini Harihthasan
Institut Telinga, Pendengaran & Pertuturan (HEARS)
Emel: deepa@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 03-9145 5135
Berkuatkuasa sehingga: 30-Apr-20

Ear, Hearing & Speech Institute (HEARS)

Dr. Ros Mahwati Ahmad Zakaria
Institut Alam & Tamadun Melayu (ATMA)
Emel: rosmahwati@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 012 691-8107

Puan Hasbi binti Mat Harun

Institut Alam & Tamadun Melayu (ATMA)
Emel: hasbi@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 017 683-1305

Institute of The Malay World & Civilization (ATMA) 

Pusat Citra Universiti (CITRA UKM)
Emel: hafizhamsan93@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 017 252-4578

Pusat Citra Universiti (CITRA UKM)
Emel: sufeera@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 017 389-6986

School of Liberal Studies (Citra UKM)

Dr Ikhwan Zakaria
Program ASASIpintar
Emel: ikhwanz@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 038 921-7563

Puan Norshahirah Mohamed Paid
Program Kolej GENIUS@Pintar Negara
Emel: norshahirahmp@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 011 210-1143

Pusat Genius@Pintar Negara

Amar Bin Baharudin
Pusat Kebudayaan Universiti
Emel: amar@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 012 605-0013

Cultural Centre UKM

Prof. Madya Dr. Noor Azuddin Bin Yakob
Emel: azuddin@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 017 608-5210

Emel: ooicj@ukm.edu.my
Tel: 010 887-1633