The Centre for Research in Media & Communication (MENTION) was once known as the Department of Communication. This Department was established in December 1975 upon recommendation by the then Faculty of Arts and the Academic Committee in its 39th meeting on 18 October 1973. Subsequently, on 9 November 1973, the University Management Council set up a special committee to study the feasibility of establishing a department of communication in UKM.

Starting with 14 students in 1976/77, the Department is now the Centre for Research in Media & Communication (MENTION) offering an undergraduate programme in Media Communication. MENTION also offers the Master of Social Science (Communication Management) and Doctor of Philosophy (Communication) programmes. Currently, MENTION has four research groups comprising:

Initially, the Department of Communication was placed under the administration of the Department of Anthropology and Sociology and most of its teaching staff were abroad on study leave. At the time of inception, the Department was known as Jabatan Perhubungan but in 1979 it was changed to Jabatan Komunikasi or the Department of Communication.

  • Communication Issues & Policies in the New Era
  • Media Literacy & Society
  • Health Communication & Global Agenda
  • Media Technology & Creative Content



To be the referral centre for the growth and enhancement of education and scholarship with the thrust of research related to the construction, role, professionalism, and impact of media and communication on political life, economy and culture, both locally and globally.



To enable candidates to explore areas of expertise by theoretical observations, methods and issues central to knowledge in the field.

To create an area of study and academic discussion through specific courses for candidates to conduct academic research.

To provide candidates with a thorough knowledge in communication research know how and methods, applicable in any career of their choice.