Master of Social Science (Communication Management)

About the programme

The programme provides extensive and intensive research activities in line with market needs requiring experts in communication management in media and non-media organisations. This programme provides the scope and opportunity for students to examine aspects of theories, methodologies, application and impact of communication management in a micro and macro environment.


  • To offer a multidisciplinary education in communication management studies to fulfil the needs of media and non-media organisations.
  • To provide the knowledge and skills to implement scientific research in communication management, either in media or non-media organisations
  • To furnish the knowledge and skills in managing, planning, analysing and assessing communication impact.
  • To improve the professionalism and understanding of the relations between culture, media and its contents and media effects through knowledge in media, culture and communication.
  • To produce global thinking, innovative, creative and competitive graduates.


First Semester
SKKP6013   Seminar in Communication Theory
SKKP6014   Academic Writing
SKKP6053   Communication Industry Economy
SKKP6063   Seminar in Intercultural Communication
SKKP6113   Communication Technology and Social Transformation
SKKP6213   Media, Culture and Society
SKKP6233   Global Communication
Second Semester
SKKP6004   Communication Research Methodology
SKKP6033   Communication Policy
SKKP6043   Organisational Communication
SKKP6223   Social Impact of the Media
Third Semester
SKKP601C/SKKP6059  Masters Thesis

How to Apply?

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