Center for Research in Language and Linguistics



Our programmes provide students with an appreciation of the complex and extremely interesting phenomenon of human language and an understanding of many aspects of human communication that are overlooked or taken for granted.

Students are exposed to a wide range of issues: the nature of language, the structures of language in general and English in particular, how speech sounds are produced and combined, the acquisition of language by children and by non-native speakers, and how language works in social settings, and the interaction between language, literature and culture.

  • Bachelor of Arts (English Language Studies)
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences (Linguistics)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Literature in English)-(To be offered in the near future)
  • Master of Arts (English Language Studies)
  • Master of Arts (Post-Colonial Literature in English)
  • Master of Social Sciences (Linguistics)
  • Master of Philosophy
  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Foreign Language Studies 2003 (Department of Foreign Languages)
  • Foreign Language Studies 2004 (Dept. of Foreign Language)