1. Library clients are compulsory to use library membership/ visitor/ campus card when in the library.
  2. Library clients must present good manner and be well behaved.
  3. Library clients are compulsory to obey the Dress Code of The National University of Malaysia.
  4. In the library, clients are prohibited to:
  • Smudge/ tear/ damage/ bring out books, journals and other library materials without permission.
  • Damage the media equipments/ materials.
  • Bring in foods and flavoured beverages into the library.
  • Smoke and eat.
  • Disturb other users by talking loudly.
  • Move library materials from one level/ collection to other level/ collection.
  • Scatter/ leave library books on tables/ shelves.
  • Move/ misuse/ abuse/ vandalize the library’s furniture.
  • Throw the rubbish through in the library’s area.
  • Wear slippers/ sandals when entering and to be in the library.
  • Litter around drinks glasses/ bottles and rubbish at 24-Hours Reading Area as well as inside the library.
  • Indecently behave/ indicent actions.
  • Misuse the commercial online databases and Internet facilities.
  • Use mobile phones at reading areas, book shelves, GEMILANG catalog terminals, Light Reading Corner and Borrowing Counter.  Otherwise, RM10 will be fined.
  1. Clients must place library books that have been used at Temporary Shelves.
  2. Library clients who make photocopies are completely responsible on any related matters/ subjects with Copyright Act.
  3. Clients are not permitted to borrow library books/ materials by using other client’s cards.  Clients are not permitted to bring out library books borrowed by other clients.  Otherwise, those library books/ materials will be detained until they are claimed by the real borrower.
  4. Children are not permitted to enter the library collections/ reading areas.
  5. Booking for seats is not permitted.
  6. Library clients are responsible on their own belongings.  The library is not responsible on their loss.
  7. Academic staff on study leave/ sabatical overseas are COMPULSORY to return books/ materials borrowed from the library.
  8. UKM students on extended period of studies or have been terminated by The National University of Malaysia are COMPULSORY to return books/ materials borrowed from the Library.
  9. UKM students after completion of their studies but still owing to the Library shall not receive their certificates/ transcripts from the Division of Academic Management and Centre for Graduate Management.
  10. Library staff have the right to check all client’s bags when entering and leaving especially when the security gate shows the signal.

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