Mr. Nazmi Syahrin Bin Kasmurin

Director of Technology Solutions Group, Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Corporation (MGTC)

Prior to joining MGTC, Nazmi has extensive 17 years of experience in the automotive sector as an engineer, project/program manager and product strategy for 3 different companies, before becoming a consultant working on the transformation of the education sector.

Now he is in charge of the Technology Solutions Group of MGTC overlooking the Energy, Mobility and Circular Economy teams. The group is working on projects ranging from energy efficiency, renewable energy, initiatives towards low carbon mobility, and promoting circular economy in Malaysia.

Speech detail

Energy Transition – Bamboo as Large-Scale Sustainable Supply of Biomass

Bamboo is rapid growing plants often regarded as an invading species that can be found abundant in the forest. However, bamboo also have the potential to be a sustainable biomass feedstock alternative. The talk reflects into this potential opportunity that bamboo can provide in shaping the biomass industries and in the long run, helps to increase the renewable energy capacity in Malaysia.