Mdm. Norhayati Hashim

Head of Technology Research and Chief Executive Officer, PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd.

With over 28 years of experience within Oil & Gas, Norhayati displays both a strong technical background and talent to lead, allowing her to be both agile and to deliver with pace. One of her most compelling traits is her ability to lead with empathy as a driving force to encourage scientists of all ages to break the glass ceiling. She is the embodiment of a true leader with both her paternal instinct to nurture her staff, and her strength and prowess to guide PETRONAS research to become a world renowned, multinational research institute.

After finishing her bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University, Ohio, USA in 1993, she joined ExxonMobil as project process engineer and subsequently joined PETRONAS in 2004. Since then, she rose swiftly through the ranks, and has held various portfolios and leadership positions before being hand-picked- to lead the technology as Head of Technology Research and CEO of PETRONAS Research Sdn. Bhd, only the second woman to hold the position ever since the establishment of PETRONAS Research back in 1975. As the custodian of PETRONAS Research she oversees a plethora of research and deployment programs ranging from highly contaminated field management, formulation engineering, advance materials and sustainability initiatives.

The skill to lead with empathy and empowerment is a rare diamond amongst the coals, and Norhayati is an epitome of this. The nurtured trust and respect built between her, and her scientists is reflected in the multiple accolades bestowed on PETRONAS Research in the past 2yrs. Since 2021, over 20 scientists have been awarded external accreditations, including chartered engineers, chartered chemists, and charted technologists. Our scientists have been recognized for both International and local awards. She is definitely a firm believer in technology as differentiator, taking ownership of technologies and seize the opportunity for technologies to make a difference to PETRONAS. As the women representative in leadership, she is a strong advocate for inclusivity and equity, making significant contributions and shaping the future of the industry.

Speech detail

The roles of hydrogen technology in securing supply chain resilience in energy transition

As the world shifts towards more sustainable and low-carbon energy sources, hydrogen has emerged as a versatile and potentially clean energy carrier that can help address various challenges related to supply chain resilience. However, realizing the potential of hydrogen technology requires careful consideration of its supply chain dynamics. In the context of the energy transition, ensuring supply chain resilience is crucial for uninterrupted energy supply, economic stability, and the successful execution of decarbonization strategies.

PETRONAS, as the national oil and gas company through our technology capability, has led multifaceted advancement in hydrogen technology. We ensure that our technology addresses the gaps in the hydrogen value chain to realize an affordable and competitive hydrogen economy to support our National Energy Transition Roadmap, and PETRONAS’ corporate agenda of Moving Forward Together (MFT 30.0). By carefully addressing the gaps, we anticipate it would be able to secure the supply chain resilience during this crucial energy transition.