International Workshop for Youth and Young Professionals (YYPs) in DRR Research was held from 6-8 Dec 2019, at IDMR of Sichuan University, Chengdu, China. The Workshop is organised by IDMR of Sichuan University, U-INSPIRE Alliance and IRDR IPO of China. U-INSPIRE Malaysia was represented by Mr. Mohd Khairul Zain of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia – UKM, Ms. Liyana Yamin of MYD Malaysian Youth Delegation, and Dr. Vivian How of Universiti Putra Malaysia. The 1st day of the Workshop covered the lesson learned from each established U-INSPIRE chapters in Asia and the Pacific and explored potential collaboration with the Peri-Peri University from Africa on how to leverage this network with Asia YYPs. Creating a link between U-INSPIRE in Asia and the Pacific with exciting and powerful African youth networks could be a catalyst in the future.

A panel discussion on the lesson learned from established U-INSPIRE chapters in Asia. U-INSPIRE Malaysia presentation was delivered by Mr. Khairul (sit no.3 from the right).

The second day started with a presentation by other youth participants, especially those who are not currently involved in U-INSPIRE chapters and have the interest to establish theirs in the future. The participants are coming from Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Maldives, presented about their current DRR related works, especially from youth and young professionals engagement.

U-INSPIRE Malaysia was represented by Mr. Khairul (centre), Ms. Liyana (left), and Dr. Vivien (right).

The break out session on the second day is about the career pathways in DRR research. Participants were grouped into five: (1) Academic careers; (2) Careers in Disaster Health Sciences; (3) Careers in UN Organisations; (4) Other International Scientific Programs; and (5) Entrepreneurial, industrial and Consulting Options. All key challenges and possible existing institutions are listed so that everyone is well informed on the regional and global initiatives.

Break-out session on career pathways in DRR research. A picture from the Academic Careers group.

The third day of the Workshop is focused on strengthening coordination and collaboration among YYPs in SETI for DRR at regional and global levels, by developing concrete plans for future activities, especially under the U-INSPIRE Alliance umbrella. The “World Cafe” style of discussion was done so that everybody had equal chances to comment on the topics. The three World Cafe created: (1) U-INSPIRE Alliance future activities; (2) National Platform for U-INSPIRE chapters; and (3) U-INSPIRE Alliance governance structure.

Outcomes of discussion based on World Cafe No.2.

Finally, the already set up U-INSPIRE Alliance Planning team has to decide and discuss further, based on the outcomes of the Chengdu 2019 Workshop, on how to drive the Alliance forward, so that every U-INSPIRE chapters benefited from this network, in bringing the YYPs voices at the regional and global level.

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