The inaugural U-INSPIRE Alliance (the Asia Pacific Youth and Young Professionals Alliance in Science, Engineering, Technology, and Innovation for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change) Meeting was held via an online platform on 18 March 2020, via Zoom. This was held since the COVID-19 pandemic becomes worst and restricted our members to travel in attending the meeting.

The inaugural Alliance meeting was attended by 27 members from Asia and the Pacific.

The meeting should be held at Kuala Lumpur, in conjunction of 2020 Asia Pacific Science and Technology Conference on DRR (APSTCDRR), scheduled on 16-17 March 2020 at KLCC. But, the organisers have called it off amid the uncertainty of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

During the U-INSPIRE Alliance meeting, the members have voted their Chair, Co-chairs and a Secretary-General. All members also agreed that all founders of the country chapters are promoted as the Alliance Assembly members. The details of the Alliance structure as per below:

Prof. Shahbaz Khan, Director of Office & UNESCO Representative, UNESCO Office in Jakarta and Regional Bureau for Science delivered his keynote speech at the Alliance meeting, held online via Zoom.

Chair: Mr. Pradip Khatiwada (U-INSPIRE Nepal)

Co-chairs: Mr. Ahmad Sufyan Aslam (U-INSPIRE Malaysia) & Mr. Sherikzhan Atanov (U-INSPIRE Central Asia)

Secretary-General: Dr. Nuraini Rahma Hanifa (U-INSPIRE Indonesia)


  • Dr. Ranit Chatterjee (U-INSPIRE India)
  • Mr. Mohd Khairul Zain (U-INSPIRE Malaysia)
  • Mr. Khausal Raj Gnyawali (U-INSPIRE Nepal)
  • Mr. Ginbert Permejo Cuanton (U-INSPIRE Philippines)
  • Dr. Sachi Suzuki (U-INSPIRE Japan)
  • Mr. Shoaib Ahmed (U-INSPIRE Pakistan)
  • Ms. Porntida Poontirakul (U-INSPIRE Thailand)
  • Mr. Ahmad Reshad Aziz (U-INSPIRE Afghanistan)
  • Ms. Fathmath Shadiya (U-INSPIRE Maldives)
  • Dr. Mizan Bustanul Fuady Bisri (U-INSPIRE Indonesia)

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