About Us

EKOMAR has a clear outlook and objective to position marine related research at UKM on the right platform, in line with the national development and the status of UKM as a premier research university. The main objective of setting up EKOMAR involves five main research areas, namely marine biological diversity and conservation; oceanography and exploration; marine biotechnology; marine economy; maritime technology and safety. It has an encompassing role of fulfilling the local and global needs covering the fields conservation, biotechnology, education, socio-culture, economy
and health.

To reach the primary goal of its establishment, EKOMAR is committed to achieve the following main objectives:

  • To identify flora and fauna, physical and socio-cultural heritage, and threatened areas;
  • To study and prepare inventories of the local ecosystems, i.e. mangrove forests, river estuaries, flora and fauna of the marine coastal zone and islands within the east Johor waters;
  • To serve as a reference centre for biological diversity and conservation in the east coast of Johor;
  • To conduct research based on products (for example, biotechnology, ecotourism and aquaculture);
  • To establish collaborative network and strengthen cooperative linkages with equivalent centres within the country and overseas;
  • To protect the economy of the local communities.


Faculty of Science & Technology
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
43600 UKM Bangi, Selangor

EKOMAR @ Mersing
 Lot 604, Jalan Pantai,
Kg. Tg. Resang
86800 Endau, Mersing, Johor



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Email: ekomar@ukm.edu.my