Greetings from IKMAS

I would  like to  take  this  opportunity to welcome  you  to  IKMAS  through  our dedicated  website.   Let me give you a brief background  on IKMAS and our goals for 2015

IKMAS was   established  on   1 April   1995   as   research    institute    with   a multidiscipline  approach based in social sciences and humanities.   Through  the years, it has established itself as a centre  for graduate studies and also  policy research.   It  was  also the  host  for  the  Asian  Public  Intellectual   Programs sponsored  by  the Nippon  Foundation,  and  oversaw   the  Kaneka Fellowship program.  Since 1996,  IKMAS hosted 5 distinguished scholars  as the Pok Rafeah Distinguished   Chair   of International Studies. At   present,    Prof.   Dr.  Jan Neederveen  Pieterse, the Mellencamp Distiguished  Chair of Global Studies from University of California, Santa Barbara, USA is the chairholder.

On 15  August  2013,  IKMAS together   with   IKON and   IKRAB underwent  a restructuring program  where  4 study centers  ( iKAS, iKON, iKAL, iKRAB) were established to cater to the need of expanding regional studies  based on a multidiscipline approach. At present,  there  are 12 fulltime research  fellows, two adjunct  professors, 1 post  doctoral  fellow and  4 junior fellows pursuing their graduate studies.

As we welcome  2015,  IKMAS aims to consolidate its activities  by focusing on strengthening its graduate studies  program, completing  one major institutional research “Globalization in the 21st century: Asia on Asia” and embarking  on the UKM My State   Window   Project  “Terengganu   Window-Your   Language,  My Culture”. At the  regional  and global levels, IKMAS continues to deepen  existing partnership and cultivate  new strategic partners.

For 2015, IKMAS is on track of realizing Phase 1of IKMAS Strategic Plan (2013-2022). We have also realigned our goals with the UKM 6 Key Results areas.  This year, as IKMAS celebrates its  20th Anniversary,  5 major  programs  have  been prepared: the Forum on AEC (May 23-24), Kembara IKMAS (April-Sept) to meet with  our alumni,  the  Commemorative  World War  2 Conference (Aug), the  3rd Simon Bolivar Lecture, and the Farewell Pok Rafeah Public Lecture (Nov).

Lets have a meaningful year ahead. Wassalam and warmest regards