Institute of Malaysian and International Studies



A resource centre with an up-to-date and specialized collection is an absolute necessity for any research institute like IKMAS. Bearing this in mind, IKMAS has set up a resource centre soon after its inauguration in order to collect reference materials

(particularly state of the art, and current ones) concerning Malaysian and International Studies within the framework of globalization, occidentalism and social transformation.

The Ishak Shari Resourse Centre is located in one of the wings in the IKMAS premises, directly opposite the office of the API Fellowship Programme. It is equipped with various facilities to enable students to take advantage of the centre’s collections for their research.


  • Loan of books
  • Reference of collections
  • Free Wi-Fi (Please get the password from the counter)



8.30 am – 12.30 midday
2.30 pm – 4.30 pm

8.30 am – 12.00 midday
3.00 pm – 4.30 pm

Saturday & Sunday

Public Holidays


  1. Open to all students and staff of UKM.
  2. Only employees who have a student / employee card are allowed to borrow the collections.


  1. All users of Ishak Shari Resource Center must  first register as a member before being allowed to borrow the resource center’s collections.
  2. The membership registration is needed to ease the work of ascertaining the background of the borrower and facilitate gathering of statistical data.
  3. Registration can be made at the Ishak Shari Resource Centre.
  4. The applicant must fill in the membership form and provide one (1) photos passport size).
  5. The applicants are also required to bring along student / employee card during registration.
  6. Members who have registered will be indicated on their employee / student card.
  7. Upon registration, new members will be given the guidebook of Ishak Shari Resource Centre.
  8. Membership is not transferable and is valid for one (1) year.


 Undergraduate Student 2 Books 7 Days 
 Post-Graduate Student 5 Books 15 Days 
 Academic Staff 7 Books 30 Days 
 Academic Staff(Part-time/ Visiting)7 Books 15 Days 
 Officer 5 Books 15 Days 
 General Staff 2 Books 7 Days 


1.         Fines for Overdue Materials:

  • 20 cents / day / item.
  • Fines do not include days when the resource centre is closed.

2.         Fines for Loss of Materials:

  • Not allowed to borrow the book until the fine is paid.
  • Replace the book with the same or a new edition plus a processing fee of RM 50.00; OR
  • Replace the book with the same subject plus a processing fee of RM50.00; OR
  • Pay the current price of the book plus a processing fee of RM 50.00


1.         Clients must bring along their campus card when entering and staying in the Ishak Shari Resource Centre.

2.         Clients should behave courteously while at the resource centre.

3.         Clients need to observe the Dress Code of The National University of Malaysia.

4.         In the resource centre, clients are PROHIBITED to :

  • Scribble in / tear / damage / bring out books, journals and other resource centre materials without permission.
  • Damage the media equipments / materials, or misuse the commercial online databases and Internet facilities.
  • Bring in food and flavoured beverages into the library.
  • Disturb other users by talking loudly.
  • Move resource centre materials from one level /collection to other level / other collection.

5.         Clients must place the books that have been used at Temporary Shelves.

6.         Clients who make photocopies are fully responsible for matters related to COPYRIGHT ACT.

7.         Clients are not permitted to borrow resource centre books/ materials by using other client’s card. Clients are not permitted to bring out resource centre books borrowed by other clients. Otherwise, those books/ materials will be       detained until they are claimed by the actual borrower.

8.         Children are not permitted to enter the resource centre areas.

9.         Booking for seats is not permitted.

10.       Resource centre clients are responsible for their own belongings brought into the centre. The resource centre is not responsible for any loss or theft.

11.       Academic staff going on study / sabbatical leave overseas SHOULD return all books / materials borrowed from the resource centre before leaving.

12.       UKM students who are on suspended period of their studies or have been terminated are not allowed to keep any books / materials borrowed from the resource centre.

13.       Resource centre staff have the right to check all clients’ bags when entering and leaving the resource centre if necessary.


Ishak Shari Resource Centre
Institut Kajian Malaysia dan Antarabangsa,
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia,
43600 UKM Bangi, Selangor
Tel: +603-8921 5584 Faks: +603-8926 1022