Vision , Mission and Roles

Vision – The UKM Graduate Centre is to establish UKM as the learning centre of choice that produce graduates with national identity that are competent and innovatively competitive for the development of the nation and society.

Mission – The UKM Graduate Centre is to lead in the offering of graduate programmes that are competitive at the national and international levels to produce graduates that meet the needs of the market, are highly creative and are able to significantly influence the industry and society.

Roles –

  1. Service unit for graduate students – offering additional   professional skills   training & mentorship.
  2. Organisation of inter-disciplinary   student activities that encourage   participation of diverse groups of students to shape the mind and build the character.
  3. Institutional research unit for graduate matters – collects & analyses data on postgraduate education.
  4. Initiator and catalyst for innovation in postgraduate matters.
  5. Executive body of Senate that assures the quality of master’s and PhD education across the university.
  6. Administrative unit for all matters of graduate affairs – it oversees basic   requirements of admissions and degrees.