Vision, Mission and Objectives

Vision – To establish UKM as the chosen centre for knowledge that produces graduates engrained with national identity, competence and competitively innovative for national and community development.

Mission – At the forefront in offering competitive graduate programmes at the national and international levels in order to produce graduates who meet the needs of the market, highly creative and capable of offering significant impacts to the industry and the community.

Objectives –

  • To catalyse and drive innovation in graduate-related matters to promote the identity and impact of UKM to the nation and the world community through graduate education.
  • To ensure the quality of Master’s and Doctorate education through the development of guidelines and regulations related to postgraduate studies.
  • To enhance the knowledge and skills of postgraduate students to ensure their excellence in UKM through the provision of guidance programs, training and academic consultation.
  • To promote the development of professional competence, entrepreneurship and innovations among postgraduate graduates through the provision of training programs, consultancy services and industrial research visits.