UKM Graduate Centre

 Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

About Graduate Ambassador

The graduate ambassador is a voluntary program introduced by the Graduate Centre (GC) at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). The Graduate Ambassador was officially appointed and introduced during the Heads of Divisions Meeting on January 25, 2015. Graduate Ambassadors comprise of postgraduates pursuing their Master and Doctorate studies at UKM (both domestic and foreign), who represent the Graduate Centre, in particular, and UKM, in general. UKM Graduate Ambassadors are elected through a selection process and a series of training in order to identify Graduate Ambassadors among candidates who can communicate well, able to think critically, have leadership skills and can work as a team.

Among the main roles of a Graduate Ambassador are:

  1.  As a referral to new and future UKM students (both domestic and foreign) that can provide information and advice related to academic issues and UKM postgraduate student affairs.
  2. Helping to provide customer services, such as organising academic programmes as well as community services and cultural activities, assisting in new student orientation, and visits to UKM by outsiders.
  3. Assisting UKM, in general, in promoting UKM graduate programmes through the strength of their respective mother tongue and cultural knowledge.
  4. Acting as escorts and facilitators to visitors, who are visiting UKM, from inside and outside of the country.