About Us

The UKM Graduate Centre was restructured  in June 2014. We work in partnership with faculties and institutes on the coordination of administration and monitoring of quality standards in postgraduate education within campus. This may also include strategic planning and development of study programmes offered at UKM. The UKM Graduate Centre also plays an active role in the guidance and training aspects for UKM postgraduates in enhancing their professional and personal skills, as well as entrepreneurship and innovation competencies. In addition, we aim to enhance the quality of the postgraduate student experience across campus and creating a vibrant postgraduate community at UKM. We hope to offer a memorable time at UKM for our postgraduate students.  In line with the restructuring, the Graduate Centre takes on two major divisions, namely:

  • Strategic Planning and Academic Quality
  • Graduate Training and Development

The divisions are further supported by the following units:

  • Graduate Strategic Planning and Development Unit
  • Graduate Study Quality and Management Unit
  • Graduate Guidance and Training Unit
  • Graduate Competency Unit
  • Graduate Promotion and Sponsorship Unit

In enhancing student research experience at UKM, we actively run social and intellectual events throughout the academic year. Students from various faculties and institutes converge together at our centre creating an excellent platform for networking and encouraging multidisciplinary research. We offer spaces where researchers (students and staff) can meet up and share ideas.


a) Graduate Strategic Planning and Development Unit

  1. Plans strategies and develops graduate programmes to ensure that UKM’s identity and impact are portrayed to the community, the nation and the world.
  2. Plans graduate enrolment strategies to achieve the goals of the university.
  3. Conducts researches that support the development of graduate strategies.
  4. Functions as a reference centre to provide information on various forms of scholarships, grants and opportunities related to graduate sponsorship.


b) Graduate Study Quality Management Unit

  1. Develops policies, regulations and guidelines for graduate studies.
  2. Offers consultations for the implementation of policies, regulations and guidelines of graduate studies.
  3. Ensures the implementation of quality management improvement strategies.


c) Graduate Guidance and Training Unit

  1. Provides additional training and guidance for the professional development of graduates in their area of specialisation.
  2. Offers support to every activity related to research, publication and presentation skills.
  3. Manages distinctive awards available to be won by graduate students.


d) Graduate Competency Unit

  1. Establishes relationships with government agencies and industries for the benefit of graduating students.
  2. Organises entrepreneurship and innovation programs to enhance the competence of postgraduate students.
  3. Provides a platform for career guidance and counselling services.
  4. Organises regular industrial research visits for postgraduate students.


e) Graduate Promotion and Sponsorship Unit

  1. Establishes impactful relationships and international for the purpose of promoting postgraduate studies especially to Indonesian institutions of higher education.
  2. Organises academic activities with external parties, especially the Indonesian Institutions of higher education with the aim to increase the number of international postgraduate students.
  3. Manages and monitors special scholarships awarded to local and foreign students.