Evaluating the 5Ps of the SDGs

By Murniati Abu Karim
Photo Izwan Azman

BANGI, 11 July 2023 – The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs) offers a shared blueprint for the 5Ps – peace, prosperity, people, and the planet. Now, it has been seven and a half years since the SDGs were first introduced in 2015, and another seven and a half years until 2030.

In an aim to assess the work assessing the progress of the SDGs and proposing new solutions to meet the needs of the 5Ps, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) through the Faculty of Law hosted the 29th International Sustainable Development Research Society (ISDRS) 2023.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Innovation Affairs, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Wan Kamal Mujani said that he papers presented at this conference are expected to serve as a catalyst for accelerating the achievement of all SDGs by 2030.

“The initial commitment to people has been made. The world’s leaders pledged to eradicate all forms of poverty and starvation. This commitment entails empowering individuals to live in dignity, equality, and in a healthy environment.

“The same can be said for the second commitment to the planet. This initiative is based on the adoption of practises for sustainable consumption, production, resource management, and climate care.

“The third pledge to prosperity has also been made. The leaders have pledged to keep the word’s citizens experiencing economic, social, and technological progress while maintaining balance and harmony with nature”, he said in his officiating speech.

He also said that a pledge to achieve peace has been made, as well as a commitment to form a partnership that includes everyone, including the poor, the most vulnerable, and those on the margins of society.

ISDRS 2023 received 383 abstracts from 41 countries, however, only 350 abstracts were selected. This is the highest number recorded at an ISDRS Conference in Asia after Hong Kong and Nanjing.

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