Events & Conference

a. 2019: Forum on Halal, Spain
b. 2018: Indonesia Islamic Economics Masterplan
c. 2017: Forum on Halal Ecosystem, Sarawak
d. 2017: RTD on Halal Economy, 13th World Islamic Economic Forum
e. 2016: Launch of Waqf Based Crowdfunding, 12th World Islamic Economic Forum
f. 2015: Malaysia’s Global Outreach in Indonesia, MyExpert MOHE
g. 2014: MOU UKM-IRTI
h. Others

• AQIF (IBFIM) – undergraduate & postgraduate students
• Assessor Certification Program (FAA) – Lecturers
• Exco, Auditor & Members of International Council of Islamic Finance Educators (ICIFE) – Lecturers
• International Workshop in Islamic Economics Theory (IWIET) Series
• Malaysian Islamic Economics and Finance Conference (CMEIF)
• KIAS-EKONIS Workshop in Islamic Economics and Finance (Kyoto University 2012)
• Wacana EKONIS Series (Industry/ Academic/ Community Talk)
• SIDC, SC Islamic Capital Market Training Program Series (2010)
• Research Workshop

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