Pharmacy Awareness

Pharmacy Awareness

       “The greatest wealth is health, and the greatest asset in achieving and maintaining good health is self-awareness.” This powerful quote by Robyn Flipse emphasises the importance of having health awareness. In line with this notion, UKM Pharmacy Awareness organization alongside Malaysian Pharmacy Students’ Association (MyPSA) and UKM Faculty Of Pharmacy Students’ Association (PMFFar) organized the 2023 Pharmacy Awareness Programme to further advocate this cause. This year’s theme of  “A Healthy Skin, Your Best Foundation” focuses on educating the public on the importance of nurturing and maintaining a healthier skin. 

An opening ceremony was held online in Cisco Webex on the 18th of May 2023 to introduce the main events of the programme. The President of the Malaysian Pharmacists Society (MPS), Prof. Amrahi bin Buang, and other guest invitees were cordially invited to officiate the ceremony. They were joined by Prof. Madya Dr. Norazrina binti Azmi, Deputy Dean (Academics) of the Pharmacy Faculty UKM, and Yew Hong Sheng, President of MyPSA 2023. Furthermore, some key sponsors of the programme were also introduced, including notable companies like Blackmores, Simple Skincare, Caring Pharmacy, Lovy Pharmacy, BP Healthcare, The Raw, Alpro Pharmacy, Mamoru and GoodMorning Global. All in all, the online ceremony ended with a lucky draw session and a reminder calling upon the public to join the upcoming physical program which would be held in Sunway Velocity Mall on the 27th of May 2023.

The physical program began promptly on a Saturday morning, brimming with energy and excitement. Throughout the day, various activities took place, including a health fair, health screenings followed by free counseling sessions. The venue was also filled with many sponsor booths, where attendees could explore. Besides that, engaging interactive games, captivating photo booths and gripping scavenger hunt games were prepared to keep participants entertained. Additionally, the lucky draw sessions throughout the day added an element of anticipation and excitement to the whole program. To top it off, an array of prizes awaited the winners of the Pharmatag Giveaway, Bingo Challenge and Scavenger Hunt, with an additional award honoring the best participant.

It was beyond doubt that the organizers of the Pharmacy Awareness program succeeded in raising awareness about the significance of healthier skin among the public  effectively. Their hard work and dedication had truly paid off, and a heartfelt congratulations to them for a job well done!

Written by: Nureen Safiyyah binti Abdul Rahman