On the 28th of October 2023, our Faculty of Pharmacy organized the ‘Jom Bersama PMFFar & Bengkel Pengurusan Program” for the 23/24 session. During this event, three different programmes from the faculty were collaboratively conducted, including Bengkel iSTAR, MyPSA Promotional Tour and Bengkel Pemantapan Kelab (Jati, Pharmaline,Green Lung). The event was conducted via an online platform, Microsoft Teams. The objective of the programme was to acquaint participants with the High Committee of PMFFar and the diverse array of clubs operating within the field of pharmacy. The event garnered a substantial turnout, with over 100 attendees, encompassing not only the High Committee of PMFFar but also the top officials of Green Lung Club UKM, JATI-UKM, Pharmaline Club, MyPSA, as well as all first-year Pharmacy students.

In the opening segment of the event, led by the emcee, Siti Nurnadia binti Rosli , the focus was on introducing the committee members of PMFFar. The event then took a trip down memory lane by presenting the highlights of past years’ activities and accomplishments. This retrospective provided context for the growth and development of the faculty and its various programmes such as Pharmaward, Pharmacy Awareness Campaign and Pharmaline Workshop. After that, committee members took the stage to deliver speeches, elaborating on the responsibilities and tasks within their respective roles. 

The programme then shifted its focus to the Green Lung initiative, which passionately advocated against smoking and promoted a healthier lifestyle. This segment aimed to raise awareness about the harmful effects of smoking and encourage positive changes within the community. Next, the event featured was Pharmaline, which further enriched the knowledge and skills of participants. This segment provided the attendees with valuable insights and expertise in the field of the club. Pharmaline conducted an engaging and interactive session that featured two exciting games. Participants were divided into multiple groups and entered their respective break rooms on Microsoft Teams, each led by one or two Person In Charge (PIC). After the completion of these games, participants regrouped in the main room, where a thrilling Quizizz competition was held. Lastly, the JATI-UKM programme came into the spotlight, emphasizing the importance of entrepreneurship and business skills in the field of medicine. Attendees had the opportunity to gain insights into the business aspect of the pharmaceutical world. At the end of the programme, the top three winners of the Bengkel Pemantapan Kelab session were rewarded with prizes followed by a photography session that captured memorable moments during the activity.

In closing, Jom Bersama PMFFar was a remarkable culmination of shared experiences, achievements, and camaraderie. It’s a testament to the dedication and hard work of all involved. Here’s to continued success and future endeavors!

Written by : Ainin Sofiya binti Zulkiffili