PharmGeek : Websites about Drugs

Although a lot of information can be Googled now, it is better for important information like drug information to be obtained from reliable and trusted websites. This is because the information will be more accurate and a lot easier to be compared. Here are some websites that we want to […]

PharmGeek : Top 3 Journals Website!

Journals are essential in providing us information and widen our scope of knowledge. It will help us understand better about how drugs really work. As pharmacy students, it is quite common for us to read journals as some lecturers also encourage us to search for journals for our assignments or […]

PharmGeek: Survey Applications

Being a university student, sometimes we need to do some research that requires us to pass around questionnaires and survey forms. Thanks to information technology, time and money are saved now as more and more students choose to do online surveys. Not only we can approach more people, we can […]

PharmGeek : Let’s Go Blogging!

     Being a UKM Pharmacy student, we’re required to do our reports & assignments in the form of a blog! Cool right? It is our lecturers’ intention to make us a versatile student.       Sadly, not many of us really know how to blog…. But no worry! […]