Piala Dekan Hari Interaksi (PDHI)

“Harmony in Motion: PDHI 2023 Unleashes Unity, Excellence, and Creativity at Faculty of Pharmacy UKM”

In the dynamic tapestry of academic life at the Faculty of Pharmacy, the annual Piala Dekan dan Hari Interaksi (PDHI) has arisen as a beacon of togetherness, quality, and originality. As the curtains lifted on PDHI 2023, the event exemplified the idea of teamwork, reflecting Helen Keller’s insightful words: “Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.” PDHI, held at Kolej Tun Syed Nasir (KTSN) similar to the previous year, not only continued its tradition but also reached new heights. This year’s inauguration was led by Deputy Dean Prof. Madya Dr. Haliza binti Katas, adding a distinguished touch to the opening ceremony, setting the stage for a collaborative and engaging experience for all participants.

Against the backdrop of the historical warrior theme, Piala Dekan and Hari Interaksi (PDHI) 2024 at the Faculty of Pharmacy unfolded as an exciting story of camaraderie and rivalry. Pharmacy students are organized into groups representing different warrior factions: Roman (green), Viking (yellow), Spartan (red), and Knights (blue). The event spanned three action-packed days from January 4th to 6th. Inter-house matches begin on January 4 against Bola Jaring, setting the stage for an intense rivalry. The next day, January 5, saw a series of exciting games including frisbee, futsal, dodgeball and bola tampar. As dodgeball and futsal received such an overwhelming reception, hence the group were doubled to A and B. In addition to the fierce competition, the presence of many supporters on site further heightened the atmosphere, witnessing the sports events and providing unwavering support for the players. This encouragement undoubtedly fueled the players to strive for their best, showcasing determination and spirit.

On the last day of PDHI, events continued with interactive activities held at KTSN hall, with students, staff and lecturers all participating together. The hall was bustling as attendees participated in aerobic dance sessions, followed by exciting interactive games of Osom Trojan, Tarik Tali, Kesatria, Tepuk-Tepuk Meriam and Perang Angin. Teams representing warrior factions compete passionately, cultivating close bonds. Before moving on for the closing ceremony, a well-deserved break was allowed for everyone to recharge before the day’s activities concluded. 

The highlight of PDHI emerged at the closing ceremony, where  Program Director Zarith Ilyas gave an inspiring speech, reflecting on the success of the event. This was followed by a speech by the Deputy Dean, adding a touch of prestige to the occasion. The spotlight then shifted to the award ceremony, where participants were recognized for their prowess in each game, followed by first-year Pharmacy students conquering the audience with  spirited performances, demonstrating their talents. Before calling it a day, the event wrapped with a photo session, capturing  memorable moments shared by students, staff and faculty. With the closing ceremony, PDHI ended successfully, leaving attendees with unforgettable memories of solidarity. Overall, PDHI not only showcased physical prowess and teamwork, but also emphasized the inclusivity of the faculty community, bringing together students, staff, and lecturers in a shared celebration of unity and success.

Written by: Nurul Ain Binti Azmi