Monthly Archives: March 2014

PharmUpdate : Our Booth @ Convocation Fair 1

  During the last UKM Convocation Day, we have opened an exhibition booth that not only shares lots of important informations about medication but also sell some supplement from CCM Pharmaceutical with amazing deals! It was such a great platform for us to train our communication skills, and even a […]

Journalism Workshop Is COMING ! 1

Assalammualaikum and Hello everyone! Since last year Journalism Workshop got many positive feedbacks, we decided to do it again and actually make it every year. This time we are bringing more to the workshop.   Registration dateline : 16 March 2014         Yes, you are seeing it right. We are […]

PharmUpdate : Community Service Operations (OPKIM) 1

During semester break, representative student’s from Faculty of Pharmacy have done the community service operations at Teluk Intan Perak. There are a variety of meaningful activities, as well as to get acquainted with the villagers. For example, clinical health examination from house to house in the village Selabak. Activities performed including […]