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 Menerajui Farmasi Untuk Kesihatan | Advancing Pharmacy For Health

Faculty of Pharmacy, UKM

Advancing Pharmacy For Health

The aim of this 2 full-day workshop is to provide participants a good understanding of interpreting and conducting systematic reviews and meta-analyses. The emphasis is on clear and concise descriptions of the methodology, steps, and tools to conduct and accelerate the systematic review and meta-analysis. In addition, there is collated resources for the participant to explore later. The detailed tentative of topics covered is provided here.

This lecture plus demonstration style workshop aims to convey methods to systematic reviews and meta-analysis in a simple, intuitive, and easily understood way. An exemplar systematic review will be replicated to show a ‘step by step’ approach which makes it easier to understand. The emphasis is on practical steps to conduct and write-up a systematic review with meta-analysis in a wide range of study designs and sources of data (e.g. in vitro, animal, human, clinical trials, prediction models, cost analysis etc).

The workshop is designed for research students at any level, pharmacists, medical doctors, and other health professionals with an interest in conducting systematic reviews and meta-analysis.


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