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Faculty of Pharmacy, UKM

Advancing Pharmacy For Health


The research structure in the Faculty of Pharmacy, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia consisted of three research centres that represent the core areas of research in pharmacy. Our research activities cover fundamental pharmaceutical chemistry, biopharmacy, herbal development, pharmacology, formulation science, pharmaceutical technology, clinical pharmacy and professional pharmacy practice. We have a wide range of research facilities from latest analytical instrument to research based teaching hospital. We managed to attract more than RM2 million research grant in 2019. Join our research teams to explore your full potential.

Centre for Drug and Herbal Development


For more than 20 years since the pharmacy programme was established, significant progress has been achieved mainly in research and development (R & D). One of the fastest growing research areas is drug and herbal research. The Centre for Drug and Herbal Development (CDHD), Faculty of Pharmacy, was formed in 2010. It is recognised as one of the reference centres for drug and herbal research in the region.

Centre for Quality Management of Medicines


The Centre for Quality Management of Medicines is one of the research centres in the Faculty of Pharmacy UKM, and unlike the other research centres, one that is more practice oriented and concentrates more on the study of the actual usage of medicines, policies that a ect medicines and their usage and research that will result in better outcomes for patients. The research centre is relatively young, both in its existence and in the age of its members, and looks forward to collaboration with researchers, clinicians and pharmacists in practice settings in the Ministry of Health, pharmaceutical industry, academia and the private sector.

Centre for Drugs Delivery Technology


The Centre for Drug Delivery Technology was previously known as Centre for Drug Delivery for Novel Targeting. In 2018, after restructuring in UKM, the centre has rebranded to CDDT. CDDT’s main research focuses on utilising novel strategies in designing next generation medicines. The key technologies employed include biomaterial sciences and engineering, polymer chemistry, nanotechnology, pharmaceutical technology and formulation sciences. CDDT promotes research innovation, knowledge-sharing and collaboration among multiple disciplines and thereby enhance the understanding of emerging and future drug delivery technologies, and thus improving medicine safety and efficacy.