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Integrity & Anti-Corruption Committee, Faculty of Pharmacy


The Integrity & Ombudsman Unit (UIO) of UKM has launched the UKM Integrity Action Plan (PTI) 2021-2025 on the 1st July 2021 to nurture and strengthen the integrity practices among staff and students in UKM. Among the initiatives that have been set out in the plan is to increase knowledge, competency, identity and appreciation of integrity among staff and students. Therefore, a committee has been formed in the Faculty of Pharmacy to make this initiative a success.


⮚To ensure this initiative can be implemented effectively and hence, the integrity and anti-corruption practices can be nurtured and strengthened among the staff and students of the Faculty of Pharmacy.


⮚ To convey information related to integrity and anti-corruption to all the faculty members.
⮚ To organize and carry out activities related to nurturing integrity and anti-corruption practices among the faculty members.
⮚ To receive any complaints/information on criminal misconducts as well as violations of organizational code of conduct and ethics.

For more information

Please contact your Integrity Focal Officer for more information:

Associate Professor Dr. Haliza Katas
03-9289 7971/7244

Link to the Integrity & Ombudsman Unit of UKM:

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