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Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Science

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

How do I apply?

Please use our online system (Join UKM) to submit an application. Fill out the online application form and enclose the following documents – your academic transcripts, certificates, and research proposal. Your application will then be checked by our postgraduate committee; and you will be notified of the result within 14 working days. You can enrol anytime throughout the year, but preferably at the start of a semester. This is because regardless of the time of enrolment, you will still have to pay the tuition fee for a full semester.

How do I find a supervisor?

This depends on your research interests. Officially we have only two research-based programmes ‘Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)’ and ‘Master of Science (MSc)’; but under their umbrellas you can go into a variety of research areas. We have a diverse team of experts tackling different aspects of drug-related research spanning drug discovery, pharmacology, and drug delivery: https://www.ukm.my/farmasi/research/.

Have a look at our academic staff directory and a list of postgraduate opportunities available at our faculty. Please contact potential supervisors before you submit a formal application. A good start would be to email them an expression of interest.


Can I still apply if I don’t meet the English language requirements?

We can make you a conditional offer if you meet our other entry requirements. If you obtained your bachelor’s (or master’s) degree from an academic institution using English as the medium of instruction, you are eligible for exemption from our English language requirements. Enclose with your application a supporting letter from your alma mater.

What are the tuition fees?

You can find tables listing the per-semester tuition fees for the PhD and MSc programmes in the links below:

Are there scholarships available for me?

UKM offers internal scholarships to eligible local students:

  • Skim Zamalah Penyelidikan
  • UKM Vice-Chancellor Scholarship; and
  • UKM Zakat Scholarship. 

You can also try and get an outside scholarship e.g., MyBrain. If your supervisor has adequate funding, they may be able to pay you monthly stipends while you work on your research project.


What is the structure of the programme?

You will be working full-time (or part-time) to complete a research project under the mentorship of a supervisor (or a team of supervisors). Additionally, you will be required to complete a faculty-run course on research methodology. International students will be also asked to take a course on the Malay language.


Does the faculty run a PRP training (academia) programme?

Yes, we offer a hybrid MSc-PRP programme that allows students to obtain an MSc degree and complete their PRP training in ~2 years. The structure of the programme is almost identical to that of a non-hybrid MSc programme. Enrolling in the programme means that in addition to undertaking a research project, you will also need to:

  • Complete a three-month attachment at our teaching hospital, Hospital Canselor Tuanku Muhriz (HCTM). This will be embedded within the two-year MSc programme. The exact start and end dates will depend on the faculty’s academic calendar and teaching schedules.
  • Pass an oral assessment at the end of your one-year PRP training. This should take place in the first 1-1.5 years of your MSc. 

When you get in touch with potential supervisors, let them know your intention to enrol in the PRP-MSc programme, so that they can:

  • Appoint a preceptor for your PRP-ship (or they can be one themselves).
  • Factor this in when planning the research project that you will be working on.


Use Join UKM to apply for the MSc-PRP programme. The system does not have a separate option for ‘MSc-PRP’. So, in your application form, select ‘Master of Science (MSc)’.

What are the accommodation options around the Kuala Lumpur campus?

You can get help from our postgraduate society finding accommodation near the campus. There are plenty of privately owned apartments around the campus.