Presenters for Postgraduate Colloquium (PhD)

Faculty of Economics and Management

(Seminar Presentation & Proceeding Paper Presentation)

The above matter is referred to. Please be informed that the Postgraduate Colloquium for PhD Students (Semester 1 Session 2023/2024) will be held as per details below :


Date: 5th February 2024 – 07th February 2024 (Monday – Wednesday)

Time: 8.30 am – 5.00 pm

Venue: Bilik Seminar (Seminar Room), Dewan Kuliah (Lecture Hall) and MS Teams (Refer Schedule)

All presenters are required to:

  1. i) use the student’s email provided by UKM ( and login through the Microsoft Teams Apps. 
  2. ii) be in the presentation session based on the assigned groups (Refer timetable as per attachment)

iii) Use background image during presentation (refer attachment)

Non-participants are also invited to the session and you may join any session that you would like to.

Please be 20 minutes earlier before the session starts according to your assigned group.

The Presentation Schedule is final and no changes are allowed to be made without any consent from the Postgraduate Secretariat.

Presentation Schedule (Will be updated from time to time if there are changes) :

We also would like to remind that every participant has 15-20 minutes to present followed by 15-20 minutes of Q&A session.

Thank you.


Best regards,

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