The Imam Bukhari International Scientific Research Center under the Cabinet of Ministers held the presentation of the Uzbek commentary of the book “Sahih al-Bukhari” of Imam Bukhari in cooperation with the Muslim Board of Uzbekistan, and the publishing house “Hilal Nashr” at the International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan.

At the event, it was noted that in the series of reforms being carried out in the religious and educational sphere in Uzbekistan, special attention is being paid to the study, research and promotion of Imam Bukhari’s life and legacy.

In order to preserve and study the rich heritage of our great scholars, including Imam Bukhari, and spread the teachings of enlightened Islam, the Imam Bukhari International Scientific Research Center, the High School for Hadith Science in Samarkand, and the Center of Islamic Civilization were established in Tashkent. On the initiative of the head of our state, in 2021, large-scale construction works were started to make the shrine of the great Muhaddith more prosperous and majestic.

Imam Bukhari’s rich scientific and spiritual experience in the science of hadith has made a worthy contribution to the Islamic civilisation in our country. The scholar’s masterpiece, known as “Sahih al-Bukhari” – “al-Jame’ al-sahih” (“Trustworthy collection”) is recognized by the majority of Muslims and scholars as the most sacred book after the Holy Qur’an.

“Sahih al-Bukhari” has been translated into Uzbek several times in our country, says Shovosil Ziyadov, director of Imam Bukhari International Scientific Research Center. – There are almost no interpretations and explanations of hadiths, only in some places are few and short explanations. It’s no secret that all sorts of debates and disputes are occurring among the masses, especially among the young generation, who could not understand the translations of the works’ texts. This multi-volume review was created to keep pace with the world’s scholars, to show that today’s Uzbek people have contributed to the study of “Sahih al-Bukhari” as it was written, to show the real truths, secrets and hidden pearls of this source to the whole world, and to educate the Muslim community and young people in the pure Islamic faith, pure madhab, as well as to promote pure manners among them. In the new edition, attention is paid to the complete and detailed explanation of “Sahih al-Bukhari”, and some hadiths’ commentary reached one hundred pages. This review allows us to comprehensively read and study the life and work of the Sultan of Muhaddiths, his most authentic collection of hadiths, and to form a detailed image of him. Hundreds of manuscripts, lithographs and contemporary sources were already used in its creation.

The attendees spoke in detail about the necessity of studying the heritage of Imam Bukhari, the scientific importance of the works of scholars today, the current state of their research and future tasks.

“The practical and scientific significance of today’s presentation is very high,” said Muzaffar Komilov, rector of the International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan. – May the book be a blessing to our people and an example to our youth! Today we have the right to explain the works of our dear ancestors like Imam Bukhari and introduce them to the world. The authentic book of our great ancestor is presented for the first time in the Uzbek language, in perfect form. The review of the book is commendable. In this regard, we express our infinite gratitude to scholars, scientists, specialists, linguists, and religious scholars for their hard work.

“Sahih al-Bukhari” also analyses the Arabic grammatical rules of some words and phrases, which is helpful for madrasa students to fully understand the rules and read and understand old commentaries. The book will be appreciated as a valuable spiritual heritage for Uzbekistan and the world’s people.


– Ms Kamola Khasanova

The Imam Bukhari International Scientific Research Center