Confocal Micro-Raman Imaging Spectroscopy

Brand : Thermo Scientfifc
Model : DXR2xi
Available laser : 455nm, 532nm, 633nm & 785nm

Micro-Raman imaging spectroscopy is a useful technique to identify structural fingerprint and compound of films, powder, solids or liquids samples by measuring the molecular vibrations. This instrument enables to measure several types of analyses such as point measurement, depth profiling (ranging thickness from 2 to 15 μm) and also can do mapping.
This technique is a straightforward, non-destructive and requiring no sample preparation. Raman spectroscopy involves illuminating a sample with monochromatic light and using a spectrometer to examine light scattered by the sample. Principle of this technique is based on inelastic scattering of monochromatic light, usually from a laser source. Inelastic scattering
means that the frequency of photons in monochromatic light changes upon interaction with a sample. Photons of the laser light are absorbed by the sample and then reemitted. Frequency of the reemitted photons is shifted up or down in comparison with original monochromatic frequency, which is called the Raman effect. This shift provides information about vibrational, rotational and other low frequency transitions in molecules.


• Evaluate the quality of materials such as Graphene/CNT materials.
• Measure depth profiling of multi-layered component such as polymers samples.
• Identify and discriminate between different types of samples from large amounts of sample to residues.
• Characterised the distribution of active ingredients such as in pharmaceutical tablet.
• Identified inclusions in geological samples.
• Identify the spatial distribution and characteristic spectra of biomolecules materials.
Sample Requirements
• Powder
• Film
• Solid

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